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  1. A. Proceed with your cruise My problem is finding a rapid antigen test (PCR test takes too long for results) at the port city. 🤞
  2. The sites I could use only do the PCR test, not the “quick” antigen test. Too close for comfort (for me).
  3. Were ship shore excursions let off the ship first or did they meet on the pier?
  4. Breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill is free for Neptune suites and penthouse. And not signature suites. Same menu as MDR.
  5. That’s what it looks like. I’ll have to remember to pack my own dauber… I have a LOT. 😉😄
  6. @Roz It’s on a “machine.” I play 100+ cards at home. The machine daubs for you, figures out the pattern, and tells you how many spots you need to bingo. And most importantly, when you’re 1 away and what number you need. You still need to yell “bingo” yourself.
  7. I have the same problem. I have a Mac laptop and it was not compatible at my last two jobs. 🤔
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