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  1. In June I booked a NRD cruise and then about a week later found that a much better deal was available via a TA group rate. Transferring the booking to the TA was possible, but at the booked price (not the lower group rate). To get the group rate, I transferred the booking, the TA cancelled it, requested an FCC for the $900 NDR, and then rebooked with the group rate. When the FCC was issued (minus $200 for a cancellation fee) the TA applied it to the booking. The savings was significant and included additional perks so the loss of $200 was well worth it. This was my experience but it was a few months ago so I'm not sure if it would work now.
  2. I always have passes for the two of us saved to my Apple Wallet as it's easier than both of us having our phones out during check in. No problem at all.
  3. If anyone is looking for clarification on where to meet the bus in Venice, it is Tronchetto - NOT Piazzale Roma as some of the info from Azamara states. Several of us departing today had conflicting info from Azamara so I had guest services at our hotel call Trumpy Tours directly. There are representatives at Tronchetto to check people off a list for transfers and then they load the bus. We are on the bus and on our way to port! 😊
  4. We were able to order from the MDR menu in Blu on the Relfection and on the Edge. No problems at all.
  5. Both are included in the classic package. The only coffee beverages that we found needed the premium package where those containing alcohol.
  6. What a horrible experience! I hope they get things straightened out for you soon.
  7. If your flights have not been ticketed yet then you'll need to continue to go through FBC for info. I called FBC and paid for our April 2023 flights and asked that they be ticketed immediately. The flights showed up on my Delta app within a few minutes and I've called Delta and spoke with them about the reservation without them referring me back to FBC. If you're not happy with the flights then requesting them to be ticketed might not help but, if you're able to get the schedule you want then I'd call and ask for them to be ticketed.
  8. Our TA just called an upgraded us from Classic to Premium and the total cost was around $16 per person per day INCLUDING gratuities. We will be on the Beyond for 14 nights. The price included our 10% discount for being Select status.
  9. We can pack everything that we need in our carry ons for international travel (12-16 days). On one of our trips we decided at the last minute to check a bag with full size liquids and a couple of pairs of extra shoes. If the checked bag had not made it then we would still have been fine because we really didn't "need" anything in it. We only took it to pack souveniers for the trip home. 😉
  10. Did you join the waitlist for early dining? We've been on a waitlist for previous cruises and had no problem changing dining times.
  11. They will assign you to one of the 4 main dining restaurants for the cruise. You can speak with the maitre d' if you'd like to change restaurants.
  12. Not the Beyond, but we had no problem booking a party of 8 for Fine Cut on the Edge.
  13. My travel agent called Azamara yesterday to make a payment and I received an updated invoice within 30 minutes. I've never had good luck reaching them by email or phone so I'm glad that this one was booked with a TA.
  14. Yes, lobster was the 6th night on our 7 day cruises.
  15. We are on the same cruise and are flying in the day prior as well. I booked a hotel near the Tronchetta stop and we will be taking the express bus ATVO from the airport to the hotel. I pre-purchased our bus tickets (airport to Piazzale Roma) so I have less to worry about the day we arrive. The website for the airport bus is https://www.atvo.it/en-venice-airport.html We are going to explore Venice the day our flight arrives and the next day will be able to walk to the cruise shuttle bus stop from our hotel. I've attached the letter we received from Azamara .
  16. Thanks. I saw the reveiw of 8103 but I'm more interested in the cabins with the rectagular window as opposed to the oval. I think the ones I'm looking at are all bed by bath cabins but thought I'd ask just in case. It looks like 8101 and 9101 might be the only ones with the bed closer to the window. I'll just need to decide what is more important - bed placement or window. 🙂
  17. We prefer the bed by the window and on the deck plans I onky see the bed placement on 2 of the center cabins. If anyone has stayed in one of the following forward facing cabins and can provide any information I'd really appreciate it. We are looking at cabins 9104, 9106, 9109, 9111, 8102, 8104, 8105, 8107. I've searched the spreadsheet and googled it but can't find the info.
  18. Thank you for your insight. We fly most often with Delta and right now if I book through choice air it is $500 less per person than if I book directly with Delta. I prefer to have a control of directly booking with the airline but this current promotion is too good to pass up. I’ll probably book with choice air and monitor the prices on the Delta website.
  19. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, the information and map I was sent seems to indicate that we will be meeting at the Piazzale Roma instead of the Tronchetto stop. I guess we'll find out when we get there!
  20. I have always booked our flights but am thinking about using Choice Air for our Celebrity cruise in April 2023. Since I haven't done it this way in the past, I have a couple of questions. I asked the Choice Air rep this morning but she kept contradicting herself so I thought I'd ask people with some experience. When are the flights usually ticketed? I'm sure they won't be ticketed until paid in full but if I paid for them now, would they ticket this early (our cruise is 9 months away) ? When can I choose my seat assignments? Am I locked into the price when I book (without paying) or is there a possibility of being charged more when I pay?
  21. Our cruise in August is scheudled to end in Athens. Our documents state that the ship will arrive at 5 AM but I'm more interested in when we will be disembarking. If anyone has recent experience disembarking in Athens and could let me know approximately what time we may be off the ship, I'd appreciate it.
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