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  1. I agree! The elevators are really not that bad! Yes at times you might have to wait a couple minutes but you are on vacation so are you really in a rush to get somewhere!? Just give yourself some extra time at busy times and you will be just fine!
  2. We were just on the Harmony (Oct 6-13) and we absolutely loved it! From our stateroom to the food, everything was amazing. We are open minded patient people and we know what we booked (2nd largest cruise ship, 8000 + passenger and crew) and expected some crowding (really only on sea days and sometimes at the elevators). Plus all the comments about the kids, well they are on vacation too! No issues with the kids as the kids we saw were all well behaved. Just everything on this ship met and exceeded our expectations and I just get so sad that some of you don’t feel that way. Everyone has thei
  3. Please don’t burn me but i am reading some of the negative posts and I would like to add my opinion on a few things. Yes the ship at times felt crowded, yes there were kids running around (they are on vacation too) and yes the elevators and lines were a bit much SOMETIMES but let’s take a step back and think what we booked. We booked a cruise on the 2nd largest cruise ship with a capacity of over 8000 people combined with passengers and crew. That’s a lot of people to disperse all around the ship. For us we went on with an open mind and with patience and had a wonderful time. The cruise m
  4. We are off the ship now and at the airport waiting for our flight home 😩. I will be writing a review tomorrow but just wanted to add a few more tidbits. Chops Grill dinner, even if you have the UDP, a 2nd entree will cost you $10. You can order as many appetizers and desserts but not multiple entrees. This is the only restaurant on the ship that we came across the additional charge. We didn’t order more than 1 entree so it was not an issue for us. Also everyday in the promenade there is some kind of sale of watches, jewelry, shirts, hats, etc etc so bring some extra cash or prepare to use
  5. Not sure if it was a test run for the wear your best but for our cruise our day 2 and day 6 the dress code was back to formal. We like dressing up so we actually like it 😀
  6. Still broken 😩. I love the cruise and everything has been truly amazing but the elevators are a different story. But you know as long as you are patient and give yourself some extra time where ever you want to go it’s not that bad, it could be better but hey what do you expect from having 6000 people on board?!
  7. We ordered another milkshake today, different waiter and again no issues. We actually ordered two, one at the table and one to go and no issues at all.
  8. Thank you! We are having a wonderful time. Love the ship and everything has been just amazing! Sad we are heading back to Port Canaveral 😩
  9. Hi, yes there are Halloween decorations all along the promenade. No Halloween parades as of yet but I’m sure that will change when it gets closer to the 31st 😀
  10. Just a follow up to this, we ate at the Hibachi side tonight. We ordered the premium hibachi which costs $49 and with the ultimate dining package, we were charged $4 per person. So not entirely included but can’t complain too much about being charged $4 for a fabulous dinner 😀
  11. We are now on day 6 and no issues at all with any specialty restaurant. The UDP has been great. Just mention that you have the package and the waiters pretty much offer you the kitchen! We love it! We have only ate at Chops for lunch on day 1 so far (dinner is booked for day 7). Service was wonderful and in our experience quick.
  12. Hi, we have the refreshment package as well and yes you can get milkshakes at Johnny Rockets. You can even get them to go. We actually had one today, they are delicious!
  13. For our cruise, it was Day 2. We are currently sailing the Eastern Caribbean and our Day 2 was a sea day.
  14. American Icon is my time dining. Ask for Dennis, he is awesome!
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