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  1. Does anyone know what day the ship scheduled to arrive in Miami? Or start the journey to Miami?
  2. It was to cold for me so I was in the observation lounge. Beautiful sights though
  3. Unfortunately I agree with this. I hope she’s get here though. I’m looking forward to checking it out
  4. There is your reason why they require passports
  5. Is there a bridge over the ocean yet? If I could and had to I would
  6. Cdc is going to have a tough time shutting it down again I think. I was thinking the same thing about that percentage.
  7. Are they actually going to bring the ship to Miami? Or should I start making other plans for october?
  8. Nope. I won’t be deterred by a mask. It’s not a big deal. Good lord
  9. It is Sunday. They seem to have technical issue just about every weekend
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