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  1. People who rebooked should keep them. If you took the refund the. You shouldn’t. My imo.
  2. This is wild. I work in the travel industry and we encourage travel!
  3. Bahamas is opening July 1 mexico has recently released statements saying they would open their ports and welcome tourists the same time. the Virgin Islands opened June 1. Jamaica has said they will open July 1
  4. You haven’t been on an airplane in the last say 20 years? Most of the safety demonstrations are done by video on an airplane. It absolutely can be done by video.
  5. Because an effective vaccine may not be possible. The flu vaccine isn’t really all that reliable. Other countries have already restarted some sailings so I think the USA will certainly want to push to get it back open just like everything else. take the precautions you can and that’s about everything you can do
  6. It’s just like on an airplane. It’s your responsibility to watch the video and not be playing a game in your phone or listening to your headphones or whatever else you aren’t supposed to be doing during that time. they just have to show it.
  7. October 31, 2020. NCL JOY. If I can fit a weekend in somewhere before I will.
  8. A lot of the Caribbean has already made some decisions on when ships will be allowed back. As of now the only firm no is grand cayman.
  9. Wow. I’m sorry to hear your having such issues. I had an issue but they fixed it in less than 24 hours. I actually had chosen to take the refund but changed my mind and rebooked. I hope you get this sorted out. Good luck
  10. I think it’s very possible for the ships tv to become the epicenter of a lot of this stuff. It makes a lot more sense anyway.
  11. This was an expected move. I’d say the plans the cruise lines have come out with recently are probably more of what you will see.
  12. NCL is taking the longest so far for me. Requested my refund the first day it was available and still nothing. I had a carnival weekend cruise and RCCL and received my refund from both of them.
  13. The cleaning schedules and the filters that have been out in place. A lot of the newer jets changes the air in the cabin every 2-3 minutes anyway. All the employees and fellow passengers are required to wear face masks while on board. These measures alone don’t do a whole lot but when you add them all up, the barriers that have been out in place are strong and will help to mitigate the spread. I went to target yesterday’s and only about half the people were wearing any face covering and there was no employees wiping/disinfecting carts after they had been returned. The plexi glass put up in front of the cashier was dirty
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