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  1. It doesn’t make sense for me to upgrade I don’t think. I don’t really drink enough of the premium stuff to warrant it. When I want one of those I’ll just buy it. Well that’s my opinion as of now but who knows haha
  2. I’ve always asked them to make it back into a couch during the day and it’s always been and then transformed back into a bed at night. You just have to let them know what you want.
  3. You can defend these people to me till you are blue in the face. I have NEVER seen the issues we encountered on another line. I have never ever in nearly 20 years had an issue that wasn’t fixed quickly at NCL. This board is for telling what happened and giving opinions. I’m giving my opinion that we will not be going with BPCL ever again and that the cost while looking low, it will cost you as much as a weekend short sailing with any of the others. That’s all I’m trying to say her
  4. My advice is to stop listening to people. Turn off your cares and go enjoy yourself!
  5. Good luck! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just went last weekend and promise you that I will never go again even if it was free. I work in the travel industry and cruising is my preferred way to get away. This company fell short from the word go! If this is your first cruise, please don’t let what happens here deter you from trying a real cruise line.
  6. I’m almost platinum level on Norwegian and have been on almost all of their ships at least once. I love the way things are done at NCL and if there has been any kind of issue they do something about it. All of the machines were out in all the buffers that morning. I’m well aware to lock the door, and yes they can absolutely can open it if they want to because they did however they are not supposed to. I have never ever had that kind of experience disembarking a ship. Most call by deck or group you in a color or some sort of organization. They don’t typically just yell at you to get out and have the entire ship standing in hallways to leave.
  7. I’m not losing anything by not going. It was ABSOLUTELY terrible. There are plenty of better options. If you like it then good luck with that. Also watch your charges. They have charged my CC again today for I have absolutely no idea what.
  8. So we sailed on grand Classica 7/14-7/16 in an ocean view stateroom. Calling this the spirit airlines of cruising would be an insult to spirit airlines. The food in the dining room was not good but halfway edible. The breakfast buffet was awful. The bbq buffet on the 2nd was however the best meal I experienced over the 2 days. I was impressed. The last morning on the ship was about as chaotic as I have ever seen. First there was a power outage early in the morning. The electricity came back relatively quickly but the problems lingered. I jumped in the shower around 730am and when I got out, while standing in a towel the room steward just opens the door with no knock and yells that we have 30 minutes to be out. I slammed the door and tried to quickly get dressed and stuck my head in the hallway where he was apparently doing it other rooms. I went in the hallway but he just ignored me and went the other way. We then to try and call the guest services to find out why this happened a log a complaint but that made everything worse. We were basically told it was our fault. We went to the buffet trough to get a little something before leaving. They had no water or juices so we decided to go before things got worse. They got worse. We asked where to go to get off the ship with US Passports and were directed to a hallway. We then stood in the line for an hour and a half with no air conditioning. So now we are crammed in a hot, dark hallway with a few hundred other people and no direction from anyone. Finally a lady came and told us she had been making announcements about passports which was entirely untrue. The whole process is terrible and they need to do better. i have called customer service and was simply given an I can’t help you but here’s an email address. I sent them an email and was given a generic reply. good luck if you go. Just because the initial fare is cheap you will end up spending what you would for a real cruise line.
  9. Gem 14 day southern Caribbean...
  10. I don’t think that’s pricey if the food is worth it. Reading these boards to try and get an idea of what to expect from this deal.
  11. What do you call pricey? Like what are the prices?
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