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  1. So you're having your fancy breakfasts and lunches in one fancy private dining room instead of another fancy private dining room. Oh the humanity.
  2. Relax. There will be tons of reservations available once you board, and the concierge will help you if those fill up too.
  3. I literally could not have less sympathy for the people complaining about no Haven restaurant in this thread. You're getting breakfast and lunch in Cagney's, which is a lovely, classy space and will only be accessible to other Haven passengers. I don't think you'll get lice from the commoners in steerage by having to walk an extra 3 minutes to get your petit filet with eggs.
  4. I had a price drop literally hours after I booked. I called that night and they said since it was so soon after I booked they could refund me the difference. (It was only $50)
  5. Thanks for informing me of the subject of the thread I started. This is also the first sentence of the post: "I'm looking at a back to back Gem cruise."
  6. It's not an overnight. Cruise up to QC ends that morning and the return trip starts that afternoon. Hence my questions about being able to treat it like a port day.
  7. Did the Haven pax at least have a separate tent within the cage with AC and canapés? https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2019/09/04/stranded-passengers-norwegian-cruise-line-mxp-vpx.hln
  8. I'm looking at a back to back Gem cruise. How do things work on disembarkation day for people making the return trip? Are you able to basically treat it like just another port day and go out and explore the city? I assume you of course have to be back on the ship in time for the muster drill.
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