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  1. I don't have to explain it. Countless scientists and doctors already have. Your ignorance is a choice at this point.
  2. Haha you Brits have a way with words.
  3. And I'm sure person who posted it was so proud of themselves for doing RESEARCH.
  4. Instead of trying to compare COVID-19 with influenza, it would be a lot easier to simply say, "I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about."
  5. I'm not an expert/doctor. I'm not smart enough to earn a PhD in field like epidemiology or virology, but I am smart enough to listen to the people who did. That said, I hope the (sincere) answers I provided to your questions are helpful. Nobody likes businesses being closed, nobody likes wearing masks, but presenting as some kind of either/or situation like the graphic you copied and pasted did is, to be blunt, a silly thing to ask. And the idea of "my body, my choice" with regards to COVID-19 is more than silly, it's dangerous. Think of it like drunk driving. If you
  6. By "work" masks aren't supposed to be some kind of guarantee against infection. It REDUCES the risk (substantially) of an asymptomatic person spreading the virus via aerosol droplets to other people. Not eliminate - reduce. The same goes for closing businesses. Does it guarantee nobody in a community will get the virus? No, but it reduces the number of bodies in potential transmission chain. Have you heard the phrase "flatten the curve?" The whole point is to make it as difficult as possible for the virus to find new hosts, so hospital systems/ICU units aren't overwhelmed like the
  7. It's not a changing of facts, it's an evolving and increasingly complete understanding of a novel virus due to ongoing scientific research. Lets assume serious clinical studies began in January. Do you not understand why we'd know a lot more in late May than mid-March? No, you did some googling. Plenty of Internet conspiracy theorists also claim to do "research" but if you're just consulting bunk sources, it's anything but. Where did I do that? That aside, science isn't about "beliefs" - it's about research-based data. What does that even mean in this context? What sp
  8. Oh for crying out loud. These are all links from March. It was just Memorial Day. Practically everything here has been superseded by new and ongoing research. That's kinda the whole deal with a "novel" (new) virus that wasn't even known to the scientific community a few months ago. Find me a single credible scientist or doctor, anywhere, who in the last 4 weeks said wearing a mask might INCREASE your risk of infection. And the supposed government website link is actually just some letter from a single pediatrician. It's not some kind of policy statement or the results of any compr
  9. There's literally someone on these boards who sincerely argued that was a sign staying home was dangerous and the stay at home orders should be lifted.
  10. Turn the Haven courtyard into an ICU ward.
  11. Wait a second, isn't America the greatest nation on earth!? How dare you point out that the very real truth that our education system is a JOKE compared to other developed nations, that we're the wealthiest nation on the planet and yet thousands of Americans can't even put food on their table, that years of stupid wars and tax breaks for the wealthy have left us with a crippling deficit. How unpatriotic of you to say such things! If you don't like A'MURICA maybe you should LEAVE! Sound familiar, JMO?
  12. There you go again, howling for the "mods" every time you read something that intrudes into your fact-free safe space. And again, it IS relevant. The title of this thread is "COVID-19 testing" - and the lethal incompetence of our criminally negligent leaders on that VERY SUBJECT is the reason we're all sitting at home and not on cruises right now. The very fact I DO believe in the United States is why it's so plainly obvious our leaders failed us so terribly in this crisis. Your blind fealty to authority doesn't make you more patriotic than me. Notice how you didn't e
  13. There is nothing "political" about saying South Korea did a better job keeping its citizens safe from COVID-19, and it's not a "view" either. It's a fact supported by hard data. If our leaders were as competent as South Korea's, we might be cruising right now. It's so intellectually infantile to just bleat "America is the best!" Really? To declare something the "best" versus anything else in any kind of non-subjective way (if you know what that even means) you have to take measurements. What does best mean? Best healthcare system/outcomes? Nope we're not the best in that. Cleanest
  14. I did use words in my post, 86 of them actually. Try reading them.
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