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  1. Hello @Jeter02. We're sorry about the challenge you're experiencing. We'd be happy to research that for you. Pls email us with your name and the booking number to AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com and we'll explore further to get you set up ASAP. Thank you!
  2. Hello @woodyq. Thank you for outlining your travel details. For us to better assist, pls email us at AskOceanMedallion@Carnival.com with your Booking number and we will quickly research. Thank you!
  3. Hello @MTNester. In addition to completing all requirements within Cruise Personalizer, full payment must also have been made. If we can assist you further, pls email us at AskOceanMedallion@Carnival.com.
  4. @kitty2264 We need a bit more information to resolve. Could you pls email us at AskOceanMedallion@Carnival.com? Thank you.
  5. Hello @kitty2264. What ship will you be sailing on in November?
  6. Hello @Notonboard Just a quick clarification ... Medallions are ship-specific. If you were sailing Ship A out of Port Everglades for one voyage, followed by back to back voyages on a separate ship (Ship B), you would be issued two OceanMedallions - one that would be active on Ship A; and a separate Medallion that would be active on your back-to-back voyages on Ship B. You could arrange to have the Medallion for your first voyage shipped in advance to your home or available for pick up at your first embarkation terminal. The second , Medallion that would be active on Ship B would be provided to you when you arrived at the terminal where you'd embark for your second voyage.
  7. Hello @CruiseVA. We are pleased to report that we have resolved this issue that was tied to a cancelled booking. This should no longer be viewable in your timeline. Should you experience any more challenges, feel free to email us directly at AskOceanMedallion@Carnival.com.
  8. @Notonboard ... if you could pls send us an email, we can align it with the ticket you reference and get you an answer directly. Unfortunately, we're unable to synch it based solely on your Cruise Critic handle. Many thanks for your patience.
  9. Hello @wrongwaywatson. Pls accept on apologies for the inconvenience you're experiencing. Would you pls send us an email at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com so we can learn more about the challenge you're having and troubleshoot to get you back on course? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello @CruiseVA. We apologize for the challenge you're experiencing and are currently researching to resolve. Thank you for your patience.
  11. Hi @Notonboard. Pls accept our apologies for the challenge you're currently experiencing. Pls send us an email at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com so that we can get a bit more information about your voyage and troubleshoot to get you back on your way. Thank you!
  12. Hello @jeanandjim. Yes we do plan to incorporate dining room menu listings in a future release.
  13. @SargassoPirate Data security is of the utmost importance. The MedallionClass ecosystem meets or exceeds all Carnival Corporation security standards and uses a range methods of tokenization, abstraction and encryption to help ensure security. As for the passport scan, we use the same MRZ technology that all of the airlines use. Comfort levels vary across a wide spectrum, and that is why we continue to expand the ways guests can access the MedallionClass experiences to include more "closed devices" such as portals and stateroom TVs, so that each guest can choose the method they're most comfortable with.
  14. @DCcruiser @Adventures ahead There are two ways to enjoy MedallionNet during your voyage. The first is using the ship's FREE internal WiFi network which you can use to download the MedallionClass app and access all the MedallionClass digital experiences ... no purchase required. The second way is the MedallionNet internet package, which let's guests streams movies, sports, news, post to social media, check and send email, make WiFi phone call, and keep in touch with friends and family using video conferencing like FaceTime, What's App video and Viber. The MedallionNet internet package is available for purchase through Cruise Personalizer before you sail, as well as once you board the ship.
  15. @pms4104 @lx200gps The update has been made. The android version of the app supports Android devices that have been purchased in the past five years, and use the Android OS 6.0 and above. The latest update address flow that was affecting tablets running Android 8+. Pls try to download the app again and let us know if it's working for you. Thank you again for your patience.
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