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  1. Hi @waltd. We understand many guests prefer to completely unplug during their cruise and that's why the only thing you need on board is your Medallion. The conveniences and enhanced guest service the Medallion enables are not dependent on a smart device. If you wish only to use the Medallion for expedited check-in, payment, embarkation/debarkation, accessing your stateroom and safety, you'll have a wonderful time. If you prefer to take advantage of other experiences like finding your shipmates, ordering food & drink, planning your shipboard activities, or watching feature film
  2. Hello @Ombud. Ruby Princess transitioned into a MedallionClass ship earlier this year (Feb 2020). The other ships listed in the story are the ones that will debut as MedallionClass ships for the first time when they are authorized to begin sailing again.
  3. Hello @1gr8cruise. We appreciate your question and want to address your concern to assure you that your OceanMedallion package is safe to open. A recent news report cites infectious disease specialists who suggest the virus is not likely to spread via packages or mail from Asia because of "poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces." "It's not going to be transported on a box," says Dr. Michael Ison of Northwestern University, who studies viral infections among transplant patients, who have weakened immune systems. You can read more by clicking t
  4. Sounds great @Tedferg. And in case you're looking for some added incentive, you can get your first beverage for free (up to $12) when you use the MedallionClass app to place your OceanNow order. 😉
  5. Hello @Tedferg. Thanks for your post. The OceanMedallion is provided to all guests at no charge and is designed to help maximize vacations. Some guests use the Medallion solely as a means to expedite the arrival process, get more efficiently on and off the ship, effortlessly access their stateroom, and more conveniently make purchases around the ship. Others opt to engage a bit more and use the MedallionClass digital experiences to view and plan on board activities; find shipmates around the ship; order food, drink, and amenities that find them anywhere on board; try
  6. Hello @Rick&Jeannie. The MedallionClass app does now feature OceanReady, OceanNow, JourneyView, OceanCompass and OceanView. PlayOcean and Ocean Casino can still be accessed from MedallionClass, but open as new apps. You can confidently remove any versions of OceanReady, OceanCompass, OceanNow and OceanView apps you may have previously downloaded to your device. We appreciate your question.
  7. Hello @CruiseVA. Thank you for sharing these learnings with the community. We did want to clarify one point regarding the Medallion and pacemakers. The new design for the device does still contain magnets and radio frequency (RF) ID technology that, like the prior design, meet the RF requirements set by the Federal Communications Commission. And while the RF energy they produce is similar to levels in other consumer products, because each medical device is different, guests should still consult with the manufacturer of their device and their physician for guidance.
  8. Hello @VKMcCarty. Thank you for posting this question. You will be completely OK without your cell phone. However you choose to cruise, the Medallion is there in service to you to help maximize your vacation time. Some guests use the Medallion solely to get more easily on and off the ship, to enjoy keyless stateroom entry and for hassle-free payment around the ship. Others opt to engage a bit more and use the MedallionClass digital experiences to view and plan on board activities; order food, drink, retail and service that find them anywhere on board; loc
  9. Hello @Stevanb. We apologize for the challenge you had on your MedallionClass voyage. Because what you've outlined here is inconsistent with the way our on board teams should address any device concerns, we'd like to learn more about your specific experience. Would you mind contacting us directly at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com so we could learn more?
  10. Hello @CruisinChris. If you are showing as OceanReady for your voyage on Regal Princess, you are considered OceanReady for the second part of your journey on Sky Princess as well. Maritime law requires us to issue separate Medallions for each ship. For that reason, if you have arranged to have your Medallions shipped to your home, you will receive the Regal Medallions there, and pick up the ones for Sky when you check in at Port Everglades for that voyage. If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please email us directly at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com. Ple
  11. Hello @USCcruisecrazy. Please have your wife create her own OceanProfile using the MedallionClass app. This can be done from any device ... just make sure if its from your device that you've logged out of your OceanProfile - touch the image in the upper left of the screen. Touch OceanProfile, then select the "Logout" button all the way at the bottom of the screen. From the Welcome Page, your wife can either select "sign up" or use your booking number to use the "quick access" option. From there, just follow the prompts. Should you need any addit
  12. Hello @seagunthera. We apologize for the challenge you're experiencing. Please email us at AskOceanMedallion@carnival.com with your first and last name and booking number so we can research and quickly resolve for you. Thank you.
  13. Hello @voljeep. Thanks for your question. OceanReady is now integrated within the MedallionClass app. The OceanReady as a stand alone app is no longer active, and you can remove it from your device.
  14. Hello @flamomo. Indeed the MedallionClass app will work with your Samsung tablet and you can still enjoy the digital experiences with your phone stashed safely in your cabin. In addition, to make things even more convenient, these experiences can also be accessed on portals found in public areas throughout the ship. And use your stateroom TV to place OceanNow orders for food, drink, amenities and more.
  15. Hello @bmc alabama. We are sorry about the challenges you're experiencing. Please send us an email at AskOceanMedallion@Carnival.com with your name and booking number so that we can research this further and quickly resolve. Thank you.
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