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  1. just got the email note the *per stateroom at the end ofthe sentence. New Mariner Society Benefit Book within 90 days of a new cruise season launch and receive exclusive onboard spending money (per stateroom)*: 6- to 9-day Cruises: $100 Alaska Cruisetours: $200 10- to 20-day Cruises: $200 21+ day Cruises: $400 Carol
  2. I just looked at the wording from my TA as to what HAL said “But the booking deposit has been effectively satisfied and waived in the system for the FCC amount which will eventually show up.”
  3. I have cancelled some shore excursions recently, due to cancelled cruises. Refunds t0 credit cards showed up on my credit card profile within 2 to 3 business days (do not include weekends). There will be no email notification of this, just keep checking your credit card statement entries on a regular basis. If shore excursions were purchased using HAL gift card, these are handled manually and may take up to 3 weeks to either be refunded to your original card, or sometimes a new card is issued for the refund amount. I have had both cases, no rhyme or reason to it. As soon as my cruise was cancelled by HAL (recently), i filled out the form for FCC - as I had another cruise I wanted to book (not a replacement cruise offered by HAL, but one of my own choice). My TA already had the new cruise on hold - and spoke with HAL that I wanted to use my FCC from the cancelled cruise (10% bonus of the deposit I had paid) - someone at HAL looked up my request form for FCC, saw that it had been approved. The HAL rep said no problem, it will be applied to the new booking, but may be a while - in the meantime HAL issued an updated confirmation of booking showing deposit paid - BUT no amount deducted from the grand total until the FCC is “created”. Apparently HAL has something in their computer system which holds that booking with a paid deposit notification for these FCC’s awaiting action. My TA forwarded the booking info to me with updated invoice, and said in the eyes of HAL, I am booked and paid deposit. When the FCC is manually “created” - it will be applied against total owing (both original deposit amount and the 10% bonus). Still waiting after 2-1/2 weeks but my booking is active, I have booked shore excursions, etc so just have to play the wait game. My TA will be following up. Hope this helps Carol
  4. and how are the officials who are monitoring this to know about that arrangement? HAL reps would only have access to waiting area after passport control and baggage claim. Carol
  5. the way I read it, transferring WITHIN the airport, to another flight. Not really sure how transferring to the ship fits in with this directive. The officials will have no way of checking if you are transferring to ship via HAL pre-arranged transportation. That means you could be hopping in a cab, going to a hotel, etc - all of which would now require quarantine. Carol
  6. does not surprise me in the least…😉 Carol
  7. Have to go down to the terms and conditions for the fine print…. Crew Incentive and $99 Deposit are valid from Sept 2, 2021 – Sept 10, 2021 and only on Fall 2021 and Winter/Spring 2022 Mexico, Caribbean, California Coast and Panama Canal Cruises. Carol
  8. We took the ferry across. Regarding the figures on the roofs, red clay roofs are often decorated with Shisa guardians. The Shisa looks like a cross between a lion and a dog and they protect against evil spirits. Carol
  9. In 2017, we were on the Volendam visiting Ishigaki. A group of us arranged a private tour to Taketomi Island. Carol
  10. The January 14 sailing should bot be affected, please read my post above, as the Koningsdam will be taking over the Hawaii, Tahiti and Marquesas 35 day sailing, in February, That was the reason for the Jan 31 Hawaii sailing of Koningsdam - in order to free it up for the once a year South Pacific cruise, Carol
  11. The Jan 31/2023 Koningsdam cruise was doing 18 day HAWAII, along with. it also being a collector cruise for 25 days, HAWAII & Mexico. The Zuiderdam had been scheduled for the February 2023 HAWAII, TAHITI & MARQUESAS - 35 day cruise. This is a popular itinerary and only available once a year. The Zuiderdam was recently announced to be the ship for the World Cruise in 2023, starting January 03,2023. So obviously, Zuiderdam cannot do the Tahiti, South Pacific cruise that year. As Koningsdam is already doing cruises in the San Diego area, it was chosen to do the South Pacific 35 day cruise, thereby forcing cancellation of the January 31, 2023 sailing to Hawaii. This announcement was on the heels of HAL cancelling the 2022 world cruise and also the 2022 South America, Antarctica Grand Voyage cruise, As there have been rollovers from the 2021 and now 2022 world voyages, I guess HAL thought it best to go with a larger ship (Zuiderdam) for 2023 World cruise. They have a LOT of cruisers to reposition over, never mind any new reservations. I believe using the Zuiderdam will allow for 550 more capacity, and of course eill have more verandah staterooms than. the older S and R ships. This change in deployment does NOT affect the January 14 sailing, asfar as I know. The South Pacific cruise apparently will start in February 2023, so should not affect the January 14h Koningsdam itinerary I was booked for the Jan 31 Koningsdam, 25 day HAWAII & MEXICO, but have since chosen another cruise as replacement. Carol
  12. In the “good ol’ days”, there used to be a discreet sign on the water feature that stated during busy times, limited to 20 minutes. That would be if you saw people standing around waiting for a thermal recliner to free up. Carol
  13. Anyone have an idea when HAL might be putting on their bonus gift card promotion again? Carol
  14. thanks, just checked and only ones available are K11015, K 11016, K11011, pretty much upfront, and top. Carol
  15. yes, I was looking at the cabin E1017 above that area. it is an outside versus. booking K up. on sundeck. That is pretty much what is available - no K’s or L’s left on decks 6, 7. 🙁
  16. I am debating between the option between a K inside on sundeck and E1017 oceanview. As far as placement, I see above E1017 is the men’s washroom outside the theater, and the microsoft studio. What would be the white area right by there? Just want to make sure it would not be anything that would “noisy” late at night, early AM ( like under the galley, moving things around, etc). Also any experience with the K’s on Sundeck? I would imagine they would quiet? thanks in advance for advice/input. Carol
  17. thanks Kirk.... there are K’s available on the sun deck .... and E1017 which may not be as quiet. Do you know on deck 2 what the area by the men's washroom, near the microsoft studio, is? Thanks for the quick response. Carol
  18. Are the I’s larger than the J’s. Also how does the configuration differ? Any good suggestions? I know there have been some discussions, or threads - but thought I might get a response faster than me scrolling or searching. Thanks in advance for advice. Carol
  19. The Unesco Byzantine mosaics are spread among 8 sites. I forget how many we visited, possibly 5 or 6? I know one site was closed that day, another is a bus ride outside of the city itself. Here is some info and the 8 monument sites: Ravenna, an important port, was known under the Romans and Byzantines as Classis. It developed into a major centre of Christian art and culture on the instigation of Galla Placidia, the wife of Western Roman Emperor Constantius III (and regent of that empire herself for a few years). She was a fervant Christian and was involved in the building and restoration of various churches throughout her period of influence The 8 inscribed monuments are: Neonian Baptistery (c. 430) Mausoleum of Galla Placidia (c. 430) Arian Baptistry (c. 500) Archiepiscopal Chapel (c. 500) Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo (c. 500) Mausoleum of Theodoric (520) Basilica of San Vitale (548) Basilica of Sant' Apollinare in Classe (549) Carol
  20. We visited Ravenna in 20212 on Celebrity Solstice. Beautiful Byzantine mosaics in this city, along with Dante’s tomb.
  21. In 2018, we returned to Norway on the Koningsdam, 3rd time for us. We booked the Mostraumen fjord cruise in Bergen with Rodne company (same company who runs the fjord cruise to Pulpit Rock out of Stavanger). Below are some pics of scenery along the fjord. Carol
  22. we have been to Bergen 3 times on port stops, 2011, 2014, 2018. first time, similar pics to what has been posted. Second time, on the Viking Passage Eurodam 2014 trip, I arranged a tour to Grieg’s home, Lysoen ( home of violinist Ole Bull), visit to stave church (and a photo stop at monastery ruins). Lysoen is situated on an island, and the main room has very interesting wood detailing. The first 2 pics are looking out on the fjord from Grieg’s property, the next few are Lysoen, then monastery ruins and Fantoft stave church Carol
  23. Take a picture of the posted menu with your camera! 👍🏻 Carol
  24. I had bad experience on the Maasdam with the Pinnacle Grill manager, totally useless. Wrote an email, while onboard, to ask about the pop-up Sel de Mer discount for 4* mariner, to both Mariner Society and the office of the President.... was resolved the next day by tge Hotel Manager. - who asked for me to meet with him. Carol
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