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  1. Unfortunately there is a whole generation of moron anti-vaxxers who are endangering public health based on the premise that Jenny McCarthy knows more about the science behind vaccines than 99.9% of doctors.
  2. Captain's Club Points: 0 Cruises on any line: 0 Regular traveller, however. See some of you guys on the Equinox in 2 months 🙂
  3. Disney’s propulsion system is far from the most environmentally friendly. Carnival’s solstice class ships (and many others) use ABB Azipods which are the most efficient and environmentally friendly systems around. I believe they are rated the 2nd most environmentally friendly ships on earth. RCL is first. Disney is 4th.
  4. Shocker that the head of that tiny activist group gives Disney flying colors but fails everyone else when a leader is a known Disney Nut. Lol That group is a bunch of frauds.
  5. I'm curious to hear this as well. I enjoy poker (cash game and tournament) and greatly prefer actual cards/chips over digital tables for reasons stated here. Doing W Carribbean on Equinox in early November. I figure worst case I'll bring a deck of cards and some chips and get a small unraked game going elsewhere on the ship (Gameroom or in a bar area). 🙂
  6. I've noticed a high correlation between people complaining about music but travelling with scented stuff and oil diffusers. I REALLY hope I don't get stuck next to someone stinking up our balcony/room with weird smells. Otherwise, the music volume may have to move beyond the normal "respectable" level 😂
  7. First cruise coming up in 2 months, so this has been a great read. Thanks to all for sharing. Planning on bringing: - Custom engraved Yeti cups for the group (Commorating parents' 70th). - Small Bose Bluetooth speaker for music in the room / balcony. - Small video rig (DJI Osmo Pocket + light/mic/monopod/etc) for capturing video of the family of the week around the ship and at port, so I can produce a short memories video for the folks once we return. I assume my better half will bring her shampoos/conditioners/lotions and such. Loved the suggestions for beach balls for footrests on the balconies. Lots of good suggestions in here. Keep em coming!
  8. Everyone's entitled to be wrong from time to time 😉
  9. I think the average American could use a bit MORE exposure to the arts/culture in their lives... ballet is a good start. As others said, from the perspective of music and athleticism, the ballet is a beautiful show. If it's not your thing, you're certain to find other options on the ship during that short show. 🙂
  10. This has taken a bizarre twist... wow 🤣 I'm happy for your and your BIL. I hope you guys have an amazing time on your cruise. Cheers 😉
  11. I certainly am not averse to sitting down with folks in jeans and work boots. Most of my best friends are blue collar types, and when the atmosphere/occasion doesn't call for it I'm a jeans/T-Shirt kinda guy 🙂 Love camping, hiking, etc. I just try to be respectful of decorum at certain events/locations. Out of curiosity, what does he wear to weddings or funerals?
  12. “For shoes, pack flip-flops or waterproof slides for wearing back and forth from the pool and spa. You’ll also want a pair of dressier shoes for Evening Chic nights and your smart casual clothing.” From Celebritycruises.com “how to dress”.
  13. Your “tennies” are unacceptable for main dining room (and other lounges/bars) on Celebrity as well as several other lines. The cargo pants (while horribly out of fashion) are suitable.... as is the polo shirt... so you’re good to go there. 🙂
  14. Excellent post here. Well said. The reality is that "dressing up" is loved by some, tolerated my many, and loathed by some. I am not a fan of neckties, but I generally overdress at the office with everything except the tie. Many cite comfort as a reason not to dress up, but a quality pair of men's dress shoes, dress slacks, and button down shirt are actually VERY comfortable. I order my shirts tailored from England (TM Lewin or Charles Thyrwhitt) and find them to be of exceptional quality/style and can be had for an extremely reasonable $30-40USD on sale. Quality men's dress shoes can be nearly as comfortable as sneakers/running shoes. (Check out the Cole Haan Zer0Grand line for an example). This is in no means meant to be a slight, but I've found that heavier-set folks tend to be more averse to dressing up. My guess would be this has at least a little to do with a limited number of stylish/comfortable options. It's hard to fault those individuals for not wanting to dress up. One side isn't going to convince the other on this issue, that's for sure. I would say, even if you're not going to wear a tie or jacket, men should at least try to wear a collared shirt, nice pants, and respectable shoes. That's certainly not too much to ask for a fairly formal dining environment.
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