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  1. No, just choose different vacations. I have been to Vegas/AZ/Utah (June 2020). Most of the vacation was outdoors. Vegas at that time was hardly enforcing masks, the only time we wore them was on elevators. We went to the pool and rode the roller coaster at NYNY, etc. No shows and it was the 2nd week it reopened so far less crowds. In November 2020 we went to Colorado, again mostly outdoors and very little mask wearing. If I am required to get the vaccine or the whole other laundry list of items on that initial posting then I will not cruise. After 18 I will retire. THAT is not a vacat
  2. Thanks, I honestly wasn't planning on booking a cruise and was going to wait and see but they sent me a good-ish deal, so I bit 🙂
  3. Sunrise. They sent me a deal that said free interior, was going to stick with that until I saw some of the interiors have a trundle. So got OV. Will be my first room without a balcony in a million years, lol. Has $200 OBC, free drinks in the casino. Most of the price is taxes/port charges so not quite free but a good deal. Can fly free on points from Miami from Dallas. My last cruise was shortly before all heck broke loose. Sorry you have had so many cancellations, really hope they can get back up and running sooner than later. I will remain cautiously optimistic about min
  4. Fingers crossed to all of you 🙂 I just booked for Thanksgiving....now I wait.
  5. My boarding zone shows Priority, Muster station A5
  6. Enjoying the review, it is keeping me occupied at work 🙂
  7. We have done Maya Chan too and really enjoyed it.
  8. Have you arranged your parking? If you come in the day before the cruise, La Marque has less expensive lodging.
  9. Roughly at 90 days out when you do your online check in you can specify bed set up.
  10. That is what we do too. We usually bring the screw top wine as well to make it even easier.
  11. We actually did a 3 day in March from Miami, to Nassau and Cococay (RC trip husband won through work). It was surprisingly tame and mostly families. I don't know if it makes a difference that it was RC and not Carnival. Years ago I was on a 4 day on Carnival and it was nuts. It really just depends on the people cruising, you really never know for sure. I say give it a shot. We didn't have our son this last trip and I found that I didn't have the parenting stress and was able to go with the flow more easily.
  12. Same here. I travel 1/30 and can't finalize my booking until 11/1
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