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  1. Pretty much whatever....I usually change into something more comfortable after dinner - shorts, loose dress, capris, etc. You will see some still dressed up from dinner.
  2. The only advice I can give you is to not use Breezes through Resort for a Day. I still want that money back 🙂 We did book the British Colonial Hilton once for the day and it was great, walkable from the cruise port.
  3. Same here...Great when the kiosk works.
  4. I have purchased every cruise (17) and used once. I think it is important to have when traveling to a foreign Country. You just never know when something could happen.
  5. Yeah, I absolutely love craft beers but in my old age my body reacts differently and I feel bloated, tired, sometimes nauseous. So I don't drink beer as much as I used to. It is nice to have an alternative!
  6. Totally agree with you. I am 47 and we discovered White Claw on our July vacation to Gulf Shores Alabama. Being in the sun all day and drinking beer can be a little heavy, we really enjoyed these as it was more refreshing. I honestly could care less what others think, I will drink what I want 🙂 I don't know why some folks have to be so rude to others on here. Mind boggling.
  7. Sometimes when I have a balcony I never get out and see the ship...take this as your opportunity to get out of the room and explore!
  8. I almost always try to book by the elevators/stairs and I have never had issue with noise.
  9. I did the same thing and took my 10th cruise in 2013...I don't cruise as much as I used to so I'm not sure the perks make a big difference to me anymore. My husband doesn't like cruising as much as I do, so we have been doing more land and AI type vacations.
  10. Awesome, I really appreciate that! We had a great room on the Triumph once that was close like that and it has always been my favorite because we could just walk back to the room to use the bathroom.
  11. I just got the card and the $200 is given after the first purchase.
  12. Awe, the Celebration...my first ship.
  13. Love the old pictures! Crazy how much things have changed. I remember my rooms like that on the Celebration and Ecstasy.
  14. Great, thanks so much! I am hoping it is like the room I had one time that we were so close we just went to our room to use the bathroom. Either way, the ladies will be happy they have a place to smoke nearby.
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