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  1. I agree... well worth the cost to see your baggage outside you cabin door and then not again until you arrive at baggage claim at your home airport. As others have said, I wish it were available in a lot of other arrival ports.
  2. Sometime in the future we’ll see a fellow on Pawn Stars trying to sell a rare vintage 2018 Ocean Medallion pendant for $10,000!!!
  3. Not sure if you’ve used EZair before, but the suggestion made earlier to go to the Princess site and “pretend” you’re on an earlier cruise and just see the airlines and fares is a good one. Once you select the type of seat you want to book (coach, first-class, business, etc.) you’ll an entire list of possible bookings including airlines, price, connections, etc. This would be a good way to answer your question.
  4. In my opinion, this has been a huge customer service issue for Princess for many years. Exceeding long hold times are unacceptable ... especially for companies like this. You might excuse this if you’re calling a small company about a small problem with an inexpensive item. But, we’re calling Princess about issues related to a product that we’re spending thousands of dollars on!! Princess ... you can do better!!
  5. Looking for recommendations for reliable car services to get from Vancouver airport to a Princess ship at Canada Place port.
  6. I think that telephone “on hold” time is one of Princess’s biggest customer service issues. We sailed on Princess 20 times so we’ve had many opportunities to test this. While occasionally you get through right away, more often a wait is what you experience. And, an even longer wait is in store for you if you need to be transferred to the EZair department. Once the original rep. transfers the call, they have no way of coming back to you to tell you they’re still working on it. Ive been on hold in this situation for almost two hours. I just put my phone on “speaker” and go about my business until an operator finally answers.
  7. As other have said, layers is the answer. And, if you don’t have one, invest in a good rain shell, with a hood, that’s big enough to fit over anything you’re wearing. You’ll be happy you did!
  8. We haven’t sailed the small ship for several years, so I’m not positive. But, these are kind of staples on cruises, so I would expect you’d find these types of activities. Hopefully, those who have sailed on the Pacific Princess more recently can confirm.
  9. No, not “frowned upon” at all. Simply, there aren’t as many activities available as there are on the larger ships. They may love it! If you think they’d be happy in a small hotel rather than the large resort, I say “book it!!”
  10. Not sure that this ship would be great for kids, but we’ve sailed the small ships twice (once in Mediterranean and another voyage from French Polynesia to Hawaii) and LOVED the experience. You actually get to know crew and fellow passengers. The ship has more of a boutique hotel feeling rather than a sprawling resort hotel. We’re sailing her again in September from Vancouver to Hawaii.
  11. We did the ABC Islands a few years ago and loved the itinerary. After several recent European busy port-intensive voyages, we loved the total relaxation of this cruise. We booked day passes at hotels in Aruba (Renaissance) and Bonaire (Harbor Village) and really enjoyed the relaxing beach days and the accompanying amenities. In Curaçao we simply wandered the lovely port. We’ll sail this itinerary again!!
  12. It’s a good idea to book ANY flights, whether international or domestic, as soon as you book your cruise (assuming the flight window is open) at the “flexible” rate. Then it doesn’t matter if the price goes up or down. If it goes down ... rebook. If it goes up ... you’re already booked into the lower price. And, at the flexible rate, you can always cancel the booking (before the 45 day before sailing date) at no charge if you happen to find a better deal by going directly to the airline.
  13. Best idea for those who qualify for the free internet minutes is to wait to purchase the unlimited package until you get onboard. You’ll get a discounted price which gives you some degree of the value of the “free” minutes you won’t be using.
  14. We have two large suitcases (not sure of dimensions) and they have fit under the bed on all ships so far.
  15. Maybe not!! I once accidentally left a zippered bag containing all of the chargers and accessories for our electronic devices (iPhone, iPads, camera, etc.) on the small sofa in our stateroom. I called Princess immediately (within 12 hours of disembarkation) and let them know.,They said they’d get a message to the ship ... but I wouldn’t hear from them “for several weeks ... maybe a month.” I never heard another thing! Expensive lesson learned ... don’t just double check stateroom when departing ... triple check!!!
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