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  1. Once, shortly after departure from a port, we returned to the port because someone onboard became critically ill. But, shortly after docking, we cast lines and we’re at-sea again!
  2. Sailed from many ports all around the world but US ports include New York (Red Hook), New Orleans, Los Angeles, Port Everglades, Port Canaveral (Orlando) and Miami. Don’t have a real favorite but we certainly enjoyed spending time before and after the cruise in New Orleans.
  3. We upgraded from TSA Pre-check to Global Entry. The way things are going, we’ll likely need to renew it before we ever use it!!
  4. I'm not worried about my family's protocols. We're not hiding under our beds. But, we wear masks outside whenever we can't social distance, sanitize and wash hands frequently, stay away from large gatherings, and don't eat inside restaurants .... and would never go out "partying" in a city before boarding a ship. But, I'm not at all as confident in my fellow passengers. We already have the "anti-maskers" in every city in the country constantly putting others at risk. Why should we believe these people would be more cautious before boarding a ship? I'm sure many voyages will go off withou
  5. Pretty much, anything that works on an iPhone it will work on an iPad!
  6. If we’re talking about the ship’s shuttle from the airport, they check everyone in. So, I think they’d have a pretty good record of those who were on the bus. Those from hotels or private shuttles from parking lots would be another story. Very interesting thread. One I hadn’t thought about. We’re not cruising before 2022, so we’ll be following early voyages to see how everything “shakes out!”
  7. We flew Business Class through EZair (last year) into Barcelona and back from Rome. The price we found was remarkable and MUCH less than any other Business Class fare we could find. We were very pleased. It was Delta into Barcelona and Alitalia from Rome back to the US. To me, it often seems like EZairs international fares are better than their domestic fares.
  8. Nope. We’ll be carefully watching all of the “start up” cruises hoping they go well. But, after 30+ cruises, we’ve pretty well determined it will be 2022 before we consider our next voyage. Ironic, since just yesterday we finally had our COVID delayed Global Entry interviews and drove home wondering when we’ll actually use the status?
  9. We sailed from (and back to) Sydney on a New Zealand Cruise. It is a spectacular port. But, I’m guessing sailing into port (if you didn’t depart from there) would be more special. When you sail from Sydney, you’ve been looking at the amazing Opera House all day so it’s not quite as unique as seeing it for the first time as it gets closer and closer on your approach.
  10. I’m in the same situation. My understanding from the Princess agent when I called was that the FCD would automatically be refunded if I did nothing ... or ... I could have it extended if requested.
  11. We generally find better fares on EZAir when traveling internationally. We had a great business class fare through Princess last October. Domestic seems to be kind of a toss up. Sometimes great ... sometimes not so much. As others have said, the good thing about EZAir is that you don’t need to pay when you book the ticket and can cancel or make changes anytime you want up until payment is due.
  12. Geez!!! It’s amazing how we can nitpick someone just simply trying to pass on some information. Yes, after 30+ cruises I realize that it’s for a cruise deposit. But, here’s where you find it on the Princess website.
  13. I'm the OP of this thread and I was answering the question asked by several. The thread was referring to the $100 FCC you purchase onboard. Our two years on one of them that we have (due to a cruise we cancelled) is expiring next month. We CAN have a refund if we want it. But, Princess will also now extend the expiration date if we'd rather keep it!
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