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  1. Thank you for the great advice, everyone! This will be our first cruise and we’re obviously very excited.
  2. My husband and I got married in Fort Lauderdale this weekend and are boarding the Edge today. I’m too excited to sleep so I thought I’d see if you folks could help me clear up a few things that I can’t seem to find answers for: 1. What is Celebrity’s policy on bringing fresh flowers on board? I’d love to enjoy my bridal bouquet for a few more days if possible but if it’ll be confiscated, I’ll leave it behind. 2. We bought some groceries for our stay in Fort Lauderdale and have a few apples and bananas leftover. Can we bring them on board? I see the Celebrity website says we can’t bring refrigerated items but don’t see fruit listed. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thank you to the OP for asking the question! While I love a good steak, I get super excited about steakhouse sides and appetizers. It will be nice to try a few different options. To those of you who have eaten at Fine Cut, what were your favorite appetizers and sides? I will likely order a smaller steak, and my fiance was blessed with a great metabolism and a healthy appetite, so I think we can manage a reasonable variety. EDIT: Maybe an equally important question is... What would you skip?
  4. So happy to see a new blog from you guys! Looking forward to your updates.
  5. Thank you for your review! I'm booked for the same Edge itinerary in February and cannot wait.
  6. This is consistent with what I've seen on my sailing. With the $1239 price, you do get the additional $200 OBC that you wouldn't in the "Best Rate" offer.
  7. Got the price reduction that I was hoping for. Thank you to the OP @mikkelhansen for the heads up!
  8. I've made multiple changes to my non-refundable reservation to match the current best available rate and haven't had to cancel or re-book. That said, I booked directly through Celebrity and they've made these changes very easy so I'm not sure what the process would be with a TA. I'm nearing an hour on hold with X right now to apply savings from this sale... If all goes well, I'll see a $675 price reduction based on today's rates. Fingers crossed. My final payment is due Monday.
  9. If I understand your question correctly... I went to the Celebrity website, searched for my sailing based on date/destination, then clicked Book Now. When I got to the "How many guests" screen, I entered the promo code "TARGETOBC" that the OP mentioned, and I followed the prompts as if I was creating a new booking identical to what I have already reserved. The final price was the same as my current reservation but included an additional $200 OBC so I called X and requested the change. I'm not sure if there's an easier way but it's the method I've used to monitor prices over the past few months. I hope that helps.
  10. @hcat It seems like it would be worth looking into for your suite. I called before I saw the terms you posted (new indiv bookings only) so I'm surprised they added the OBC to my existing booking. I suppose it depends on who is on the other line. I have all 4 perks and just double checked... The only thing that changed on my reservation is the OBC. I'll have no trouble spending an extra $200 🙂
  11. Thank you for sharing @hcat - I tested the code on a mock booking for my sailing (Aquaclass - Feb 2020) and it worked. I called X and was able to add an extra $200 OBC to my reservation.
  12. Good question. At the time I booked a regular IV so no bottle of wine would have been included when I was speaking with the agent. Prices have some down so I recently upgraded to AQ so I suppose there will be wine in the room regardless. 🙂
  13. My fiance and I are getting married the day before we embark Edge in February, 2020. I mentioned the special occasion when booking and asked if X does anything special for these types of occasions. The X agent alluded to a bottle of wine but basically told me not to expect anything. That's totally fine with me - the cruise is enough of a celebration for us and I understand that many others are marking special occasions on these trips. However, I did notice that my invoice has a note next to Special Services that says "HONEYMOON." Not sure if that's how celebrations are noted but it will be interesting to see if they do anything special!
  14. Thank you for your input! I understand where you are coming from. I have read reviews on this board and on blogs, and I feel prepared for some of the downsides (e.g. waiting for others to finish each course). While the menu is simple, each course will suit us just fine as long as the food is well prepared. I've also looked up photos and videos - it looks unique and entertaining! Yes, it's very likely "one and done" for us but unlike anything I'll find near home so it's worth the risk in my opinion. Nothing like that for us, either but I think I saw discounts months ago when I first booked. Maybe they'll reappear 🙂
  15. Oh dear! At least it was memorable! Sunset snacks before heading to the MDR... I love this idea! I'm spoiled with great sushi in the PNW and I had initially given Raw on 5 a pass. I didn't realize it had such nice views - and the food does look delicious!
  16. Great - I'll keep checking. Right now there is plenty of availability for Finecut on the first night (other nights are very limited) so we'll should be in luck if that discount is offered soon. Sounds magical! I have prepaid gratuities but plan to tip anyone who goes above and beyond... Fantastic idea to do so on the second-to-last night. We plan to try all four dining room so we may even tip throughout the trip. We'll see what works best for us when we get there.
  17. Thank you for the feedback, everyone. You all raise very valid points. I will keep my Day 7 reservation but might consider a later reservation so we're packed before dinner with nothing to worry about except for the lovely meal. @jelayne I will have to keep an eye out for discounts on the first night! In that case, Day 1 might be a good night for Finecut. That would free us up for Evening Chic in the MDR. Everything is currently full price online within the cruise planner but I'll try to remember to check on this when we board. (Mary Ann - I was thinking the same thing about booking the restaurants with more indulgent menus earlier in the cruise!)
  18. My first-ever cruise is approaching (February 9, 2020 on Edge) and I have been following this board for months to glean as much info as possible before we sail. Thank you to everyone who posts reviews, photos, answers to questions, etc... Your insight has been invaluable - I feel more excited and less apprehensive about what's to come. 🙂 Last night I made the following specialty dining reservations: 1. Finecut Steakhouse (Day 2, at sea). I thought dining at Finecut early in our cruise would be a nice treat to start the trip and, if it's as fabulous as everyone says, we might try to get reservations for another night. 2. Le Petit Chef (Day 7, at sea, final night of the cruise)... I initially thought I would reserve something for Day 6 (our second at-sea day), but I believe that will be the coveted lobster night. Don't want to miss out on that. I also avoided making reservations for any of our port days (days 3-5) because I thought it might be nice to have some flexibility in case we're tired or we've already eaten off the ship. That leaves Day 1 or Day 7 for LPC. I'm wondering... Are there any drawbacks to specialty dining on the final night? Would I miss out on anything special in the MDR? Thoughts, suggestions and recommendations are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  19. Good advice - thank you. I originally booked for $5250 with 3 perks in March. Since then, the overall price has dropped $850 USD and I now have the "all included" perk package, so I think I'm doing pretty well. If it wasn't for this forum, this first-time cruiser wouldn't have known how easy it is to request a price match. I appreciate all of you for sharing your tips - I know I'll have a much better experience because of it.
  20. When I was browsing the site at 10:15pm PT last night, I came across a much lower price for a comparable room on my sailing. I screenshot it, called Celebrity immediately and got a message that their offices were closed. When I called today, they told me they don't honor screenshots. Understandable, and I wouldn't have booked my trip if I wasn't happy with the price, but I had my hopes up after seeing @VitaminSea53's post. Oh well!
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