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  1. I'm not willing to bet against any helicopter money events, so I'm not shorting RCL. I doubled my money once this year being long RCL and made some but lesser returns on CCL. That was back when RCL was trading at 1/6 of its 52-week highs. I was a lot more optimistic about RCL prospects then than I'm now. Then there was just panic. Today there's a cold-blooded misleading of investors with regards to state of company's prospects. Stock price suggests that twelve months from now bookings will be the same or better than in November 2019. That's a pipe dream. The road to recovery will b
  2. RCL's filings with SEC is all that's needed. There's no need for additional spreadsheet calculations. Survival of a brand name doesn't equate to shareholder prosperity. Just ask pre-2009 GM shareholders.
  3. Good luck to current shareholders. 2020 - insane losses and write offs 2021 - profitable if there were no expenses at all (i.e. running a start-up out of parents basement, and using mom's credit card to pay for shipping) 2022 - bookings are back to just 30% below 2019 levels 2023 - profitable before the need to pay loans taken out in 2020 2024 - announcing that first profitable quarter can be reached within next six quarters 2026 - 2020's bonds fully converted into shares. $0.01 per fully diluted share net income. So, what's the expected P/E in 2027?
  4. At the start of the pandemic it was a force majeure situation. The way RCL has conducted itself since hasn't really been that nice to many, including shareholders. I don't think the new lawsuit will be quickly dismissed as frivolous. If anything the announcement has a recap of relevant events. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/shareholder-alert-pomerantz-law-firm-investigates-claims-on-behalf-of-investors-of-royal-caribbean-cruises-ltd---rcl-301164348.html
  5. Think Royal Caribbean Buccaneers. BitCoin is not good because may lead to sudden and unexpected conversion rate fluctuations. The one who can print their own money, which then universally get accepted becomes the rich dude. This is why US Treasuries are still as good as gold. What RCG can do to add an extra veil of legitimacy to such a scheme is to implement using blockchains. They can probably get this going with some third-party help in a matter of weeks.
  6. Best for a consumer, and absolute worst situation for RCL due to lost business and depletion of tight cash reserves. A loyalty program can be a business arrangement between RCG and and loyal cruisers. RCG gets much needed cash. Cruisers get extra perks that can be exchanged for some undetermined benefits in the future. I would agree for the following offer: - a full amount of my latest cancelled booking can be exchanged for RCG GoldenDucats + 10% one time bonus What's in it for me? + saving the headache of arguing with RCL about the exact amount of money I should actually de
  7. https://www.ontario.ca/page/your-rights-under-consumer-protection-act#:~:text=Under the Consumer Protection Act %2C when you order a product,get a refund for it. Misrepresentation It’s illegal for the business or individual to give you false information about themselves or the product or service they offer. Some examples of misrepresentation include: promising to deliver a service or product when they know or should know that it’s not possible Last night (when RCL knew for days as per leaked release) my Venice cruise was still bookable. I'm not sure whether 45 days
  8. There's a myriad of relatively recent consumer protection laws that protect consumers even if the vendor is in another jurisdiction. RCL advertises in the province where I live. One can likely successfully argue that they do business here even if they pretend to be based elsewhere. After all they do have country-specific websites. Here's an example based on my own experience. I was sold a Venice cruise. It was cancelled after last payment was due. My FCC was not available for a few months. I couldn't use it to rebook Venice cruise at a later date. I gave RCL fresh funds to pay for what e
  9. RCG will have numerous class-auction lawsuits to deal with once Covid situation will be under control. On behalf of shareholders who who will claim that RCG was negligent in the assessment of risks stated in their filings. Shareholders are the bagholders with devalued share prices, cancelled dividends, and continuously revised statements about the true state of the health of finances. Claims can be made that RCL is playing a game with valuation of their fleet, value and nature of cash equivalents on hands. On behalf of customers who did not see neither timely nor accurate re
  10. This (or something similar) is what Royal Caribbean Group should do to increase customer satisfaction, build cross-brand awareness, help them survive the Covid downturn and come out on the other side stronger than their competitors. Launch a new savings & growth account for customers. Call it RCG TreasureChest or whatever great name marketing or cruisers can come with. The idea is this: - TreasureChest account will allow cruisers to move FCC funds freely between any of RCG's group of companies. For example, my attempt to sail to Venice got cancelled today for t
  11. Even if it did, it wouldn't be anywhere near Venice. Getting from Porto Corsini (Ravenna) to Venice (136 km) is the equivalent of crossing the channel between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen over seven times (18km each way). RCL can pretend that it's same but it is not. 😢
  12. Here's a theory. Only committed cruisers book new cruises at this time. Same people know that they will be able to adjust their booking prices lower when sales are announced, so they are not worried at this time that prices are high. A higher price at this time brings slightly higher deposit amounts to Royal coffers. Any extra cash helps. What I'm surprised about though is that Royal is not running any specials on high-margin extras. For example, there are no sales on WiFi packages, or behind-the-scenes tours, digital images, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. Prices are same as always, and I t
  13. Empress has been having issues with plumbing for years. There are numerous postings on message boards that mention ongoing issues with flooded cabins, sewer stench on some decks, and crews trying to fix things during sailings. My bathroom was flooded twice on deck three last September. I read about sewer smell months before my sailing, and then did smell it in some areas on some days. The decor of the ship is very dated in some sections. It's not vintage, it's just plain dated. On the other hand the service was exceptional. The crew was cheerful, happy, and they did
  14. Next year Vision has several scheduled sailings into Venice with an overnight stop. Departures are from Barcelona.
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