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  1. Does anyone know if I can find somewhere a list of shore excursions that are currently offered on Msc Grandiosa cruises (programs and prices)? I can't find anything like that on the Msc website. If there is no such list on the website, maybe someone has been on Grandiosa recently and knows what is offered?
  2. Recently, MSC announced that Msc Grandiosa and Magnifica will be sailing the same itineraries during the Christmas season as they are sailing now and not these that were originally planned . Looks like all other cruises in the Mediterranean have been cancelled. Many voyages are still not canceled (for example the ones in South America or in the Emirates), but it is very unlikely that Msc will really sail in these regions. Do you think that Grandiosa and Magnifica wiil be the only Msc ships in service during the christams season? I wanted to book Grandiosa for this time (I was interested in YC)
  3. I can see your point of view and you are probably right about the problem of underutilization of the equipment. Nevertheless, I don't know what you mean with the 21st century amenities that QM2 doesn't have. What do you think is missing there?
  4. I am very glad that more and more ships are back in service, but I am afraid that in this situation it may not last long. With such a large number of new infections in Europe, in Italy, France, Spain and so on, it is only a matter of time until a case will appear on one of the ships.
  5. How wonderful. I also wish you a great trip. And how does it look? How many passengers are on board? Who is the captain and the hotel manager?
  6. Yes, that's right, the new ship is a disappointment, it's a shame that Carnival is bringing its standards to Cunard and P&O, since the newest Iona is also disappointingly huge. Now Carnival has serious financial problems, so after the pandemic, they will probably focus even more on maximizing the efficiency. We can only hope they will understand that people love Cunard for its quality and that they won’t destroy this wonderful brand. By the way, what alternatives do you have in mind? Which line offers similar service like Cunard?
  7. It looks like the new ship for Cunard will be delayed until 2023. This is a sad news because I think that Cunard really needs something new in the fleet. I wonder why Cunard doesn't consider building another ocean liner. They say that Queen Mary 2 will be the last ocean liner in history. And as far as I know there is (or at least before the pandemic there was) a huge interest in QM2 cruises, even though they are rather expensive. No other ship ever draws such crowds of onlookers when it enters a port. The QM2 is an icon, as people can embrace the atmosphere of 20th century luxury liners whil
  8. Does anyone have any verified and certain information about the Clive Palmer’s project to build a replica of the Titanic? This controversial project has already been pushed back so many times. In the Internet you can find news that the project is not canceled, and the ship will enter into service in 2022. However, there are no official statements from the Blue Star Line and there is no contact with the company. It all looks suspicious. If the ship is supposed to be ready in 2022, the construction would probably already be in progress, right?
  9. I am very happy that more and more ships are starting to sail in Europe, yesterday evening, for example, Costa Smeralda set sail from Savona, becoming the third Costa ship at sea. She is also the largest ship sailing at this moment. However, I am very disappointed and annoyed with the lack of any information and updates from MSC. Of course I realize that the situation is changing very quickly and it is difficult for the cruise lines to make decisions about restart, but I think they should give at least a general plan for the rest of 2020. Costa and Aida have already provided details about w
  10. Thank you for your answer, but if I may ask, how can you be so sure? Do you have any specific information? I know that the cruise is not canceled at the moment, but so far Msc has not officially canceled any cruises in the Christmas time.
  11. I have reservations for a New Year's Eve cruise from Dubai on Msc Fantasia (originally on Msc Seaview but the ship was changed for obvious reasons). This week, Msc canceled all cruises on Fantasia until December 5th. Do you think there is a chance that the cruise on December 26 will take place? Does anyone know if there is a no sail order in the Persian Gulf region and the UAE at the moment?
  12. Waiters wear face shields probably because it's just more convenient when you work all day, but at the same time it solves the problem described above. It looks like the shields are treated as a mask substitute. Honestly, I have never seen anyone who had both a mask and a shield at the same time. The shield is in fact less “hermetic” than a regular mask, but it actually provides comparable protection and it also has advantages. The face shields do not need to be changed often and it is easy to disinfect them. It also covers the eyes, so it is an additional protection for the person who
  13. Yeah, I would love to hear that too. What about their luggage in that case? Because I understand that they were not allowed to get on the ship after returning to port. The crew had to pack their luggage and bring it out of the ship?
  14. That’s interesting. Probably Msc was afraid that the family might bring the virus on board because in such a case the cruise line does not know where they went and with whom they were in contact. The point of those organized excursions is that Msc wants to have control over the passengers when ashore.
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