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  1. Yes, I agree. The differences in the cruise industry are growing. Cruise lines like Carnival, Costa, Msc, actually also Princess build huge ships for mass market. On the other hand, the ultra-luxury market segment is developing very fast at the moment. Unfortunately, nobody wants to build new medium-sized ships. Maybe one exception is Virgin, but personally, I don't really like the design of their ships.
  2. I heard that prices will start at 3700 Euro per person, per week, so it will definitely be much more expensive than Msc Yacht Club. At the moment it is difficult to say if this is a lot, because we don’t know what the cabins will look like and what will be included in the price. I hope it will be an ultra all-inclusive concept like Regent. I wouldn't compare Explora to Viking Ocean. For now, the renderings only show the pool and the lobby, but I expect the decor to be much more opulent than the Scandinavian design on Viking. I also assume that Explora will offer a more elegant cr
  3. Indeed, there is still the original itinerary on the Italian website too, but after logging into my booking (departure 3 July) I see the changed one. I think that’s the more reliable source. I also checked out of curiosity on the German website and unfortunately it also shows the new itinerary with Split for 3 July.
  4. Yes, I also noticed they didn't update the itinerary everywhere, but I logged into my booking and it shows the itinerary with Split.
  5. I know Split is nice too, but I've been there before. This time I really wanted to visit Montenegro. I can imagine the departure from Kotor must have been a unique experience. I still don't know what caused the change. If there are any problems with covid restrictions, In my opinion they could at least do a panoramic cruise in the gulf of Kotor without shore excursions. In this case, even watching the views from the ship would be nice. That’s what Tui Cruises is currently doing in Sweden.
  6. I am not from the US, I live in Europe, so I should get to Trieste without any problems. From July they are going to introduce vaccination passport to travel freely between EU countries. Unfortunately I have no idea if Msc is going to change the policy for other countries. Actually I have a similar problem, but the other way round. I have a reservation for a cruise from the States in September, but probably I won’t be able to come. As far as I know, at the moment there are no plans to reopen the US for European tourists.
  7. I have a reservation for the Msc Splendida cruise from Trieste in July. Today, I noticed on the website that they changed the itinerary and replaced Kotor (Montenegro) with Split (Croatia). As always, I didn’t even receive a notification about this from Msc Cruises. Does anyone have any idea what happened? These itineraries were established quite recently, so I thought Msc took all Covid restrictions into account and I didn’t expect any changes. Did Montenegro decide not to allow cruise ships? I'm pretty disappointed about this. For me and probably for many passengers, Kotor was the
  8. By the way, does anyone know what are the current travel restrictions in the UK? Not being a UK resident could I come there from the EU with a negative test? I hope that as an international cruise line Msc will also accept guests from abroad on these cruises in Great Britain. I have booked a cruise to Iceland with Msc for this summer, but I am pretty sure it will not happen. The one in the UK would be a nice substitute.
  9. I also think it is probable that Msc will choose Virtuosa for the restart in the UK. The ship is still in the shipyard in western France so it could reach Southampton in one day. It would probably be a better choice than Magnifica, because Virtuosa is brand new, has more attractions, restaurants and Yacht Club. Since the possibility to go ashore will probably be limited, such a ship would be better.
  10. Do you think it's fair that the RCCL and Celebrity Cruises already require the Covid-19 vaccine for the Odyssey, Adventure, and Millennium cruises, given that currently in most countries younger people don't have the chance to get vaccinated even if they want? For example in many European Union countries and Canada, the vaccination process is very slow. Most people will probably not be able to get vaccinated in the coming months, and Odyssey of the seas sailing in Israel and Greece since May will accept only fully vaccinated guests. Isn't that a kind of discrimination?
  11. I just don't understand why did they change it so suddenly just two weeks before. When they were planning these cruises a few months ago, they could have thought about Easter. I know that on Easter for 3 days the whole Italy will be treated as red zone, but I also know that Msc can imbark guests even in a red zone, because they have already done so. They just couldn't organize shore excursions in Genoa on Sunday and in Civitavecchia on Monday. But did they really create all this chaos just because of shore excursions?
  12. I know Msc has strange ideas sometimes, I've been cruising with them for years, but I haven't experienced anything like that before.
  13. Indeed, there are still many free cabins, even more than yesterday. Apparently people are canceling this cruise. I decided to do the same. Another problem is that they shortened this cruise from 7 to 5 days (Tuesday- Sunday) and the price remained the same as I paid for 7 days. This is not acceptable.
  14. I had a reservation for Msc Grandiosa for Easter departing on April 4th from Genoa. Msc Cruises changed the cruise date to April 6th, which is already after Easter, and they did not even bother to inform me. I wouldn’t know anything but I accidentally noticed the incorrect, new date on a Facebook ad. In addition, I booked two cabins on deck 16 for my family and I underlined that they should be close to each other. Msc changed the cabin numbers and now we have one on deck 14 and the other one on deck 18. I am furious and disappointed. I know that they have the right to change the cabin num
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