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  1. Actually, I know Msc Yacht Club very well, I cruise very often in the YC and I love it. However, Msc is mainly focused on the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and I want to explore some regions that they do not offer, such as Alaska or the Mexican Riviera. I have also tried the Haven by NCL and I liked it too, but now I want to give the Retreat a chance. I am generally a fan of the Ship within ship concept, which allows to be on a large ship, yet in a more intimate atmosphere. The pool is not that important for me. It's just a pity that the Retreat Lounge is so poorly located compared to th
  2. I am considering booking a cruise in the The Reatreat on Celebrity Eclipse for Fall 2021. I have a few questions because this would be my first time in Retreat and since it is quite a new concept I couldn't find much information about it. The offer says that Premium drinks are included in the price of the cruise, but what exactly does that mean? Are there any drinks that still charge extra? Does this apply to all the bars on the ship? Is the minibar in the cabin included as well? There is also a credit for shore excursions in the Retreat package, but how much is it, more or less?
  3. I hope that some of the ships will be able to sail again this summer, but certainly not all of them. I think that Msc might sail in the Mediterranean and maybe in the Northern Europe. I do not think that anything outside of Europe will take place this year.
  4. As for the monotony of the itineraries, there is the same problem even now. I was on Grandiosa in December even though I have been in all the ports many times. It was nice. Now I am thinking about another cruise in February or March, since probably no other ships will be sailing (maybe Magnifica, but I prefer newer ships with YC). But on the other hand I am not convinced because I am bored of seeing exactly the same ports again. I know Msc does not have enough customers at the moment to start with another ship, but why don’t they introduce at least some variability in the itinerary? In my
  5. The last time I was in Tunisia with Costa Concordia in 2010. Ships have not been sailing there for several years, after those terrorist attacks, and this year, for the first time after a long time Msc will go to port La Goulette -Tunis again. But from what I remember, it's a pretty nice place to get a first impression of Africa.
  6. Ah yes, that explains everything Rosalia Scaldaferri is the best. We sailed with her three times and each time the crew managed by her was very well organized and happy. Unfortunately, she is always only on the newest ships, always on the same itinerary from Genoa, while the older ships would also need a YC director like Rosalia.
  7. Msc is not a British line like Cunard, so obviously High Tea in the YC is their own, different interpretation of this tradition. I can imagine that compared to Cunard it is not the same. Still, I think High Tea is usually a very nice experience.
  8. I absolutely agree and usually the YC crews are fabulous, unfortunatelly the more Yacht Clubs there are, the more often I see people who shouldn't work there, especially on the oldest ships like Fantasia, because the best people always go on the newest ones. By the way, which YC director are you talking about? Do you remember her name?
  9. Does anyone else miss Costa Concordia? I miss her a lot, because although I was only once on this ship, the cruise was very special for me. It was probably the most kitschy ship I've ever seen, I still remember how shocked I was when I first saw the atrium with those pink chandeliers and green elevators, but still she was kind of beautiful. Every year on the 13th of January I think how could that happen that 32 people have died and the magnificent ship ended its service in such a pitiful way, as a result of mistakes of one moron.
  10. By the way, I read that the Carnival Coropration, to which Costa belongs, will take over only 1 of the 5 planned new ships this year, Rotterdam for Holland America, while Costa Toscana, Enchanted Princess and 2 others will be delayed until 2022. It’s sad that the whole cruise industry is falling apart like this.
  11. In my opinion, Costa Firenze looks really good. It's more elegant than older Costa ships, still pretty kitschy, but the overall effect is nice. Nevertheless, I prefer the Concordia Class ships because Venezia, Firenze and Smeralda are too big and too crowded. I also regret that on the newest ships there is only such a small atrium, without panoramic lifts. The atriums on Concordia Class, 8 decks high, with glass elevators and a glass dome at the top, are much more impressive.
  12. I think it will still take a long time before Magnifica and the other ships will restart. It will be great if at least Grandiosa will start sailing by the end of January as planned.
  13. In December, before the Christmas lockdown, I was on Grandiosa. There was High Tea but only on request. They don't prepare the tables in advance like they used to. But it was great anyway. Whereas last year it happened to me that in the Top Sail Lounge there was a very lazy and unprofessional crew. They made displeased faces when I asked for High Tea and sometimes they did not even bother to come with the trolley, they only brought ready tea. It was outrageous. I love Hight Tea and this is one of the best perks in the Yacht Club, but when I sometimes get the impression that a butler would l
  14. Compared to the Seaside Class, Divina has very few open spaces. In fact, there is no promenade deck, there is only a life boat deck which is not suitable for spending free time. There is also no possibility of outdoor dining, neither in the buffet, nor in any other restaurant, unless you are in the Yacht Club, which has a private Sundeck Bar and Grill as well as a private pool at the front of the ship. The advantage is that Divina has 3 pools, 2 of them are quite large, so in this matter it is even better than Seaside in my opinion. Nevertheless, Divina is a ship on which the interiors are mo
  15. As for the Seashore, we will see when she will finally be delivered. Due to the delays in the shipyards, the inauguration date has already been postponed from spring to August, so she will not start sailing earlier than by the end of August, unless there will be further delays. Same with inauguration of the Virtuosa, which is also delayed by several months. Now she is supposed to spend the inaugural summer season in northern Europe, in Kiel, but I heard rumors that it is unlikely to happen.
  16. In my opinion, this is the main reason for which Seaside and Seaview are both on their way to Europe. They simply have scheduled cruises in the Mediterranean from Genoa for this summer. It's strange by the way, because at the beginning Seaside was advertised as a ship exclusively for the Caribbean region, but it looks like she will be spending her next summer seasons in Europe. Msc is probably hoping to restart with all planned ships in Italy this summer, while in the US the situation is still very uncertain.
  17. Recently, Msc announced the deployment of ships and itineraries for the summer of 2022. Some of them can already be booked on their website. What do you think about that? I am disappointed with the monotony of the itineraries that Msc offers. I have been loyal to Msc, or actually to Msc Yacht Club, for many years, but slowly I'm getting bored with always the same itineraries from Genoa. I was hoping that with such a rapidly growing fleet Msc would offer something new, for example Alaska, Adriatic Sea from Trieste, Canary Islands, Eastern Canada and New England, whatever new. Meanwhile, they
  18. Msc has similar standards to Royal in my opinion. The biggest difference is perhaps the more international environment. There are always a lot of passengers from different European countries on Msc, therefore the announcements, but also entertainment and events are usually in 5-6 languages. Msc is a line with Italian origin, so you can feel the Italian atmosphere, which is an advantage for me. There is good Mediterranean food and good Italian music, but also Gala evenings. Contrary to American cruise lines on Msc it is good to have some elegant outfits including a suit or tuxedo, as there
  19. Does anyone know if I can find somewhere a list of shore excursions that are currently offered on Msc Grandiosa cruises (programs and prices)? I can't find anything like that on the Msc website. If there is no such list on the website, maybe someone has been on Grandiosa recently and knows what is offered?
  20. Recently, MSC announced that Msc Grandiosa and Magnifica will be sailing the same itineraries during the Christmas season as they are sailing now and not these that were originally planned . Looks like all other cruises in the Mediterranean have been cancelled. Many voyages are still not canceled (for example the ones in South America or in the Emirates), but it is very unlikely that Msc will really sail in these regions. Do you think that Grandiosa and Magnifica wiil be the only Msc ships in service during the christams season? I wanted to book Grandiosa for this time (I was interested in YC)
  21. I can see your point of view and you are probably right about the problem of underutilization of the equipment. Nevertheless, I don't know what you mean with the 21st century amenities that QM2 doesn't have. What do you think is missing there?
  22. I am very glad that more and more ships are back in service, but I am afraid that in this situation it may not last long. With such a large number of new infections in Europe, in Italy, France, Spain and so on, it is only a matter of time until a case will appear on one of the ships.
  23. How wonderful. I also wish you a great trip. And how does it look? How many passengers are on board? Who is the captain and the hotel manager?
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