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  1. we disembarked that day too. I drove from Baltimore to Dover Delaware in their 7 inch snowfall ( they rarely get snow). Good thing I am from Upstate NY and used to driving in the snow. But I do have to say the roads were good for the most part. The worst part was it was foggy with snow in the air so visibility was poo. We enjoyed our cruise on Vision and have booked the same ship for November 9 with our cruise friends from the Granduer.
  2. no soda machines on the ship...just have to go to the bars to get your soda. Sometimes the coke is from 2 liter bottles and sometimes from a can.
  3. We have cruised with Royal, Celebrity and Holland America. I was looking to go out of a cruise port closer to home - NYC, Bayonne or Boston - instead of flying to Florida. I see that MSC does go from ports up here. How do they compare with other cruise lines? I don't know anything about them. thanks for any input.
  4. I just booked with my voyage with a travel agent who raved about her cruise on VV. I have been booking all of my previous cruises myself.
  5. I just found Miami Cruise Ship Shuttle ...from FLL airport to Port of Miami is $20 per person one way. Would just have to uber back to the airport from hotel if we stay in Fort Lauderdale. I think we may transit with Fort Lauderdale. The airfare and hotel is less expensive than Miami. I am coming from Upstate NY so need to come down the day before for sure - especially in the winter time.
  6. thanks so much for the info. I was doing my research today for the airfares and hotels. This helps a lot.
  7. Uber does trip from FLL to Miami for sure?? what would be the approximate cost? I am trying to figure my airfare right now for a February trip.
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