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  1. Jeronimos Monastery Lisbon with the River Tagus in the distance
  2. We are doing the whole trip and while everyone will have their own opinion I would say that whether you are doing all 108 nights or only part makes absolutely no difference. When you think about it there are a lot of segments of this trip that overlap, some may be doing larger segments and again see new faces arrive part way through their holiday. To be honest I think new faces are important it brings new conversations and interest to all. Once the cruise lines get back to continual cruising year round without a days break then all anyone is doing is a segment of the overall itinerary anyway.
  3. We are on the 2022 QV full World Cruise. We decided to move to this cruise as we felt the 2021 world voyage had little chance of sailing and if it did the chance of missing out so many ports and strict restrictions would be a waste of time. It is looking like this was a good move. Fingers crossed all will be much much better by then. We look forward to hopefully seeing you onboard without too many new rules... let us hope a vaccine has been passed by then
  4. Feeling SO MUCH BETTER having moved January 2021 world cruise to January 2022, by then lets hope the world is back to normal. I could not see QV doing much of a world cruise this coming year as no ports are open. From what the avid ship tracking fans are saving QV is at see backwards and forwards from Southampton to Weymouth .... I cannot see a world wide itinerary anytime soon.
  5. Whilst many say that they would like to cruise as soon as possible I personally am finding that sentiment very difficult to understand......Why would anyone want to go on holiday where there are so many restrictions and limits imposed from understandable social distancing to wearing face masks on holiday ??????Why not wait a while, hope for a vaccine or for the virus to subside hopefully completely. Each to their own put thinking about how many face masks to pack is not my idea of a holiday
  6. Cruisers seem to be the MOST PATIENT people in the world? It does not really seem to bother most how long they wait for a refund...... Yes they may talk about it on this website but so many seem so understanding and forgiving of Cunard and the poor cruise lines with a "There there poor Cunard attitude"- Could this possibly be why Cunard and others are hanging on to most peoples money that does not belong to them for months and months .................I seem to remember putting my debit card in the card machine and pressing 4 digits and my money was gone VERY quickly. Different rules obviously?
  7. Everyone will have a particular preference. On Queen Victoria we will always try and book a P2 cabin.Personally we think overall on QV that the overall P2 cabins are in a better position than many of the P1 category. The last 3 cruises we have had a P2 cabin and have just booked full world cruise 2022 in the same cabin. The P1 category I think are on a higher deck but also mid ships but on a long cruise a deck beneath and central makes a slightly more stable journey and saves a few pounds and the rack of lamb in the Princess Grill is still the same!!
  8. We have today moved our 2021 world cruise to 2022. Am glad we did as places are going fast for obvious reasons. We do not want to spend good money on a cruise which could well have lots of restrictions limitation of itinerary. We hope you have no problems.
  9. Tooooo much grief and stress is not good for us! Have today moved our 2021 world cruise booking to 2022. FCC is no use if the cruise you want to do is booked up. Places for next year have been going fast so as we do not want to go cruising with all the risks and restrictions shortly after a potential return to sailing later this year onwards. Ports need to be open and waiting for Simon Palethorpe to make his next announcement is not for us. Amazingly I will be quite happy should the next world cruise sail as believe there will be too many changes to make it a relaxing holiday.
  10. Happy Days, now time to relax and let the return to cruising and ports open when they are ready - Have just moved World Cruise booking from 2021 to 2022 before all the cabins go when Simon Palethorpe next appears in his home library to tell us 15th October as the next potential date he has in mind. Did not want to wait and miss out and to be frank there seems to be delays of 60 -80 days for a refund. FCC no use if the cruise you want is booked up. Peace of mind is a happier thing than worry.
  11. How relaxed will the holiday be just after resumption of cruising? How will social distancing work? How many can sit around the pool and go for a swim? Face masks - can you feel relaxed and on holiday wearing one? Lifts can only be used by one person? What happens the someone on a cruise ship somewhere is diagnosed with coronavirus? What will that do to cruising? There has to be a vaccine first. Yes people enjoy cruising but when and what ports will be open and welcoming when passengers go ashore? Ask the people of Sydney, Australia ?
  12. Britannia versus Princess Grill hmmmm - Food once in the Britannia was reasonable , but when it got worse we decided to see what Princess Grill was like and have not looked back. Cabins are better, price is higher but the good personal service makes the difference. Any views on topic are welcome
  13. When a cruise has been cancelled how do they return the money for the excursions that have been booked prior to proposed departure date? Regarding paying the final balance on a booked cruise Cunard seem to be on a win win because if you cancel the cruise before final payment date we would lose the deposit and if we pay the final balance and cruise is later cancelled then it is such a long wait to get your own money back! It would appear that Cunard will shortly follow P&O and cancel up until 15 October.
  14. Cunard & P&O are claiming furlough for its staff hence 80% pay and 80% work. Government have just extended the scheme until later in the year. Making staff redundant is rough medicine considering the amount of money Cunard has just borrowed and also hanging onto millions of passengers money that is not theirs. This has the making of another Thomas Cook scenario.... Seems more likely Cunard will fold
  15. Rumour has it that they are going to paint the hull orange and name the new ship M.S. Donald trump.
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