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  1. We also had this room at one point. It used to be an S1 and I told them it was NOT an S1 and should be changed to an S2 due to obstruction with lifeboats and tanks. Glad they finally listened. People not liking the new revolutionized rooms or furniture.😢
  2. Thanks everyone. Not a long ride for us so we figure 10:30 would be good. Our 12 year old grand daughter is comping on the bit!!!
  3. What time is the best to check in at Cape Liberty? We have printed our passes and information but no check in time. Thank you
  4. Yes. That’s me 30 years ago! And DH in the dinner jacket. Those were great cruising times!
  5. Go to your Michael’s Club Concierge. The menu’s are usually in the magazine rack or on the table in Michael’s Club.
  6. 1989 on Song of America. Were greeted by the whole staff when you entered the ship. then escorted to your room. in your room was a deck of cards, stationary with your name on it, a roster of every passengers name on board and where their hometown was. Everyone ate in the dining room, one seating. Waiter pulled your chair out and pushed your chair in. Then got your salad and cut it up for you then brought the dressing tray for you to add to your salad. It was our first cruise and we were amazed. Things certainly have changed over the years seas.
  7. 1989 Song of America Captains shook hands with every passenger.
  8. The staff of Equinox Luminae is wonderful! Have a great time. And forgot to say Yes, try the food. We love it and gave up eating in specialty restaurants.
  9. We just went to Trulucks a few weeks ago before our Equinox cruise. Our first time and we definitely will be returning the next time we are out of Miami!!
  10. VT cruising thank you. We booked 10172 which is in the center of the four cabins. Would be good use of the butler! Thanks for the photo!
  11. Hi All, we just booked a S3 while on The Solstice from Hawaii. DH thinks it will be fun to be in that room. We always book either a SS1 or SS2 and like the aft. The prices were crazy for the aft cabins, for the Caribbean. We booked one in the middle. Think it will be interesting, time will tell. For the amount of time we spend in our room it’s fine. And we get to try out the Retreat. Just hope it’s not too noisy. Love the idea of having someone drop off a drink though :). Happy Sailing.:D
  12. Well said. I am referring to your explaination for those that differ.
  13. We just booked the Edge, again (2 we booked previouswere cancelled) for 2020. Looks like they took the cream of the crop for Edge. The staff in Luminae is over and above. Had the pleasure of meeting Maja on Solstice recently. She will do well on the Edge. As well as both Masters of the ship. Happy Sailing everyone!
  14. Hi All, we also were on this cruise. Also felt the ship needed a “spa day”. We were in a Sky Suite and the wood was missing from our balcony railing the whole time, with paint chips on the floor. Brought to the attention of our cabin steward and butler. Loved the staff in Luminae!! And yes, Victor was a great sommelier. Food was not great. Too many sauces and the food was drowned in it. No one talked about the bread, pastries and desserts on Solstice:D:D I still dream about that raisin bread!! Crew was friendly and smiling all the time. We were at the volcano when the walls collapsed, a once in a lifetime experience! Then we went to the orchid greenhouse where the second earthquake shook the rafters. We don’t get too many of these on the east coast! We are on the Equinox again in November, looking forward to it. Know all the ships are going in for a “spa week(s)” in the next two years. Happy Sailing everyone!!!
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