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  1. Oh...Sthrngary...you had me in your corner until this comment, LOL. Seriously, I've said it before this is a fantastic thread for those considering or already chosen the Haven for pointers and ideas.
  2. LOL - ouch. ok, I shall shut up now. Point taken. (hey it's a long weekend here and I'm a bit bored)
  3. That is the point - the tips are what would incentivize a person to work in a front-line job. Why else would they? If you can be a dishwasher in a restaurant and make the same as a server, who on earth would want to be a server, dealing with douches day-in, day-out. I find your comments a bit odd - so someone can be verbally abusive towards you so long as they pay you enough? That's quite the mouthful.
  4. This is a fascinating position. Have you ever served tables? I spent most of high school and university as a server (first as a bus boy then as a waiter). The server is often subject to rude and obnoxious behaviour by patrons for issues beyond their control. Servers are also subject to drunk customers who think they can speak to them like they are garbage. It is NOT their job to make sure you have a good time. It is YOUR job to make sure you have a good time. Honestly...the entitlement here is strong.
  5. I think the difference is service workers who face the "customer". It is very different to be a service worker who has to deal with the patrons vs. those who are behind the scenes. I would say that most would pick a behind the scenes job....except for the tips. Would you disagree?
  6. I clearly stoked the fires on this thread...mea culpa I also posted a very sarcastic comment that was unwarranted. Myself, I would love a fridge magnet, if it was a good one. A lot of the fridge magnets these days suck and you need like 3 of them to actually display your kids' ugly artwork.
  7. Makes sense. I don't doubt there is a difference, I just can't taste it, but that's just me. My older son also said he thinks Pepsi has an aftertaste...so I guess he'll be disappointed on the cruise!
  8. I'm assuming you were being facetious? Maybe not. The Captain makes enough. The guy at the omelette station...not so much.
  9. That really sucks. Are you able to rebook for perhaps next year? Might be a bit more stable then (maybe?)
  10. I clearly do not have your discerning palate. Joking aside, I honestly can't tell the difference. What would you say is better about Coke? They are both brown sugary bubbly drinks. I mean RC cola, that was garbage, but not sure I could pass the "Pepsi challenge".
  11. I'm with you here. Seems like some get pretty defensive when they hear others tip in some situations, that they would not. I don't think any of the "extra" tippers are suggesting that anyone should match them or even tip a penny extra if they don't want to. It is interesting, however, how the ridicule comes out when some express their own practice of tipping...you know...to express gratitude. You know a gratuity? I'm interested to hear from others what their "worthiness" scale is? Buffet staff - nope. Bartenders - nope. Butler - nope. Not sure what warrants an additional tip in the minds of some, but clearly some have made their minds up that certain service workers are "unworthy" of a tip. Must be nice to be so learned that you can discern who are worthy of a tip...based on their job, not their service.
  12. Could be - monkey see, monkey do? Not sure.
  13. Oops, sorry. You are correct.
  14. Not sure about cruise ships but at many all-inclusives ("land" resorts, LOL)...there is even a tip jar at the omelette station. Not saying a lot of people do it, but it is there...and there is always some money in it, based on my experience. Perhaps cruises are too "classy" to tip the plebes at the buffet?
  15. I think there may have been several people posting who do tip "extra", but I don't think that should be extrapolated to the general population...after all CC is full of blow hearts (like me). That isn't necessarily indicative of the broader population, and I do believe at least one "extra tipper" pointed out that it was unusual / uncommon to be tipping extra. I would (again) hazard a guess that if the majority of people on cruise ships (or resorts...or wherever) tipped "extra" this would be a non-issue.
  16. I think you have every right to be frustrated. I agree things haven't been handled very well. I'm not a fan of Ford or Trudeau, but at the same time, I'm not sure who would have done a better job? Let's be honest, this whole pandemic is a poop-show. Still, I hear what you are saying and I don't disagree with your feelings of frustration.
  17. Does Pepsi really taste that much different than Coke?
  18. I don't have any clever answers here...I'm just regurgitating what I hear.
  19. And to be clear, I'm not suggesting the gov't of Ontario provide an additional (3rd) dose on demand, but I would hazard a guess with the Delta Variant, a third Pfizer shot will be offered.
  20. There are plenty of vaccines in Canada / Ontario...we have a surplus due to idiots. We should donate these shots to other countries where they would appreciate them.
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