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  1. You were talking about windjammer during dinner. Every time I’ve gone in during dinner its empty.
  2. I have never experience long wait time for dinner in the Windjammer.
  3. With the exception of Disney, the lido buffet on a mass market cruise line is anything but gourmet / upscale dining. Who ever uses the buffet as a bench mark for a cruise line food is delusional. The purpose of the buffet is for a quick in and out INFORMAL and extremely CASUAL meal. The only exception is if that buffet is set up in a formal setting like the adult brunch onboard Disney.
  4. It’s how they serve them now since dine in isn’t allowed in California.
  5. If you clear your cookies (“website data” on iOS) for the browser, it’ll work again. On an iOS device, you are able to clear the website data for just Royal Caribbean by going to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data -> search for “RoyalCaribbean.com” -> Swipe left to right -> Delete Everything else you just clear the cookies OR just the cookie for the royalcaribbean site if its an option.
  6. Carnival Spirit was announced to sail in China back in 2016 but Carnival reversed that decision that same year so Carnival Spirit, nor any Carnival ships ever sailed China. Cruise lines thats owned by Carnival Corp such as Costa, Princess, and Cunard did sail to and continue to sail to China... but we’re not talking about those cruise lines.. just like how when we talk about Royal Caribbean’s menu we are not talking about Celebrity any other cruise lines Royal Caribbean owns.
  7. I believe this dish is called “hard boiled eggs” on select Carnival sailings.
  8. Ohhh you mean the person that was in charge of all the midnight buffet and was demoted to be in charge of the midnight bite size h'dourves that the wait staff walk around the ship with at night before the whole concept got axed?
  9. I don’t know... you could say there will be an earthquake tomorrow and keep changing the date and eventually it’ll be correct... just the date was wrong like a million times before it was “correct”.
  10. That is true... after sitting out for a while it becomes honey stung chicken jerky... and than they add some random sauce on it and it becomes Jerk Chicken.
  11. When I did Adventure of the Seas B2B for a month... some weeks had it and some didn’t... I guess it seems like it comes down to the mood of the chef? Spectrum had it 1 day and it was in the middle of the cruise out of my 2 cruises on that ship. So who knows. HAHA
  12. I know! Can’t believe they got that many celebrity chef to sign on for their new project.
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