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  1. Since I am looking at the Oasis this would be more for that ship. Maybe I missed it but I did not see pricing. I've never cruised RCL. Is everything one price pp? Like carnival? I did see Johnny Rockets was 9 I was able to find a BBQ menu but that's about it with any prices.
  2. When i read about her recent drydock they said Royal's upgrade program is suspended for now. I was watching a video tour of the ship and the agent mentioned some changes they will do next year when in dry dock. They could have made the changes since they seemed to be something with the upper deck. "Royal Caribbean suspended upgrades and enhancements under its Royal Amplification program until further notice due to the global cruise industry shutdown."
  3. I see basically they are the same. I know Oasis was the older ships but it did have an overhaul. Harmony went into drydock but did not get the upgrades she was scheduled to get. From what I was reading. Anything really different or better on one than the other?
  4. I wanted to know as well. I have a media player I store movies on. I asked on carnival but they said doesn't work
  5. no but we will be on the 9th sailing I'll definitely post my kids experience. I really feel the kids clubs are over looked on reviews.
  6. For me it was what was included and what was not. Carnival has tons of free food options and decent pay options. Guys burgers vs Johnny rockets? we have Johnny's locally I would not pay $9pp to eat here (on a ship). its like steak n shake to me. Guys is free and awesome well from what i can see. RCL seemed to have lots of things to do but so many were extra. If I'm going to pay extra can we start at a lower price point? RCL had some nice rooms but we don't have tons of money and my money went much further with carnival especially with my kids
  7. People were saying how there is not salt or pepper on the tables. Then someone mentioned they bring their own Pepper mill. Do you have to ask for this in the MDR and most places like the buffet? what about ketchup and mustard and what not? Should I bring a cheap set for my room?
  8. My issue is why can't you get FCC instantly? I had my last cruise cancel and I asked to book a new cruise they said sure give us a deposit. I said you have it already why can't i use that. They said wait 30 days and we will let you know when you can decide if you want a refund or FCC. 30 days? I'm sorry I work in IT and this is a digital age. unless they are doing everything by hand this should be something easily done within days. refund taking 2-3 months. IF my money is with you I should be able to move that to a new booking with little effort. Especially if you cancel me.
  9. Fixes 90% of issues. Its where we start. You'd be amazed how many times someone calls me and starts with Yes i rebooted!! next i try to fix the issue and reboot anyway and it fixed the issue. AVG person still doesn't know how to restart a PC. turning off the monitor is not turning of the pc SMH Yup I do IT for a living
  10. When i call in and wait 45 minutes on hold for one of 5 people working the phones LOL they seem to be all contractors from the conversations I have. My app is outdated but updates once on the ship?
  11. I thought during port days they (kids club) did not close for lunch or maybe that was carnival.
  12. I'm oct 9 as well with my wife. 4 and 8yr old. Nice to see kids will be on board especially younger kids. Maybe we can meet up for a drink while watching the kiddos go crazy in the water park
  13. Thank you so much for this. Many cruisers have not cruised with kids. How old are your kids? any recommendations for small kids on this ship? Where did you go? OC, costa maya? cozumel? were the kids allowed off?
  14. Ok great i thought that sounded so off the wall.
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