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  1. Where do I find out information and cost for the NCl cancel for any reason insurance? Just want to be prepared in case the virus gets worse. I have never purchased travel insurance before but seems like this time it is probably the thing to do. Thanks!
  2. Looking for Hotel recommendations in Seattle to stay for a couple days before our Alaska cruise! Thanks!
  3. We are currently in a Balcony room and was curious what would be the least amount someone has bid and won an upgrade to an Haven cabin? Would love to experience the Haven but not if over $1k per person!
  4. Do we have access to a concierge with a suite cabin or do you have to be in Haven class?
  5. Thanks that is very helpful! I think we would much prefer to Vibe if we have any chance of actually buying them. We dont get on the ship util 1 pm so afraid they may be sold out by then. No we dont want boring but also dont want to be relaxing in a kids pool environment! This is on the 1/26/20 trip.
  6. But we assume that we should not need the Vibe pass if paying for the Haven, right? We are experienced cruisers but first time on NCL and so far not happy about all the extra charges!
  7. One of the primary reason I would have interest in upgrading to a Haven Suite is for access to a quiet lounging deck and pool area as I am afraid since we are getting on the ship late we will be unable to get a Vibe pass. I now read reviews talking about how many kids utilize this area and how loud it is!! We really dont care about having a Butler as I would not even know how to utilize that feature and prefer to eat in the Speciality Restaurants anyway. So based upon this does it really make sense to spend the money for the Haven? Thoughts?
  8. I believe we are in port at Tortola on 1/30/20 between 8 & 5pm. Would love to join another group if possible as we are a party of 2 adults.
  9. So weird as NO excursions were posted on our planner either?? I tried calling the Shore Excursion desk and they said the only time available was the 8:15 am time. We are on the cruise right before you, 1/26/20 - 2/2/20. Makes no sense but maybe I will try calling again tomorrow and see if I get a different answer. First time cruising on NCL and so far not a good experience at all. We love RCCL but thought we would try different line for comparison which might turn out to be a mistake. We also tried making specialty restaurant reservations as we bought the 7 night pkg and several nights had NOTHING available and others only had 9:30 pm slots available! I asked what would happen if we could not get into the restaurants would we get a credit for those nights and the person did not have an answer for that?
  10. Can someone recommend another way to visit Jost Van Dyke outside of going thru NCL? Apparently the only excursion they have available for our upcoming trip leaves at 8 am and returns back at 1 pm which seems way too early to enjoy a couple of painkillers. Looking for an alternative way over at a reasonable price. Any suggestions how else to get over to this island that can be trusted to get us back onboard in time? Thanks!
  11. Any recommended shore excursions in Tortola? My planner does not even show any available for our upcoming Encore cruise!
  12. Does anyone know what the daily price is for the thermo spa on the Encore. My wife and I would like to try using at least for a couple of days. THanks!
  13. So when we do this if they only show 5-6 cabins we should assume that category is very full?
  14. What is the least amount you have been able to bid and secure an upgrade? We are in a balcony room and would love to upgrade to a mini suite or even a Haven room as long as it does not cost too much. I have checked and all categories that we have bid on show as available still and hate to miss an upgrade by just a few dollars. Thanks!
  15. Ok makes sense! Thanks for the response I will try that!
  16. What site do people use to determine how full the ship is or what cabins may still be available? Want to see how many mini suites or Haven units may still be available for my upcoming cruise on the Encore end of January! Thanks!
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