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  1. correction: the package is called browse and is the cheapest version. Both cruises are 7 nights
  2. For my planned caribbean cruise if I want to add it before cruise with 20% savings they charge me: Stream 2 devices: 123,55€ For my planned mediterranean cruise it will be: Stream 2 devices: 89,46€ If you add 20% you will know more or less the cost of the package if bought on board I guess.
  3. OBC is exactly what it is: ON board credit, not before On Board Credit :) try this link for more info on MSC VC benefits https://www.msccruises.com/en-gl/smart-ship-app/MSC-Voyagers-Club-Benefits.html
  4. Booked with FCC: Meraviglia Aurea Balcony cabin 12/26 - 01/02 cruise. Fingers crossed. It will be more than a year without cruise...It is about time to cruise again, even with the new rules.
  5. No offense Petra, you are doing a great job with this post but...I really want people to try to come to the theatre on time. It is so bothering for the people who are already following the show to have people trespass during the show and in my humble opinion entering during the show is not showing a lot of respect to the performers who are bringing the show when people still arrive when the show has already started. Normally there are more performances per night so even what diner time one has, you can always pick a show that fits your dinner seating. Like I said, no offense to you at all!
  6. How about this??? Live from MSC Grandiosa, Genoa, September 6-13, 2020
  7. I have 2 bookings 5%+5% and both had the OBC within 24hr after booking. Log in to your account, then look for the price details and there check next to cabin number and total fare you should read passenger details. Click on it and a screen should open with the details: Price of the cabin and the OBC in my case 2x 50 Eur/Usd for a balcony stateroom: OBS Shipboard credit 50 Eur/Usd Inclusief OBS Shipboard credit 50 Eur/Usd Inclusief
  8. **The onboard credit will be uploaded automatically to your reservation 24hrs after confirmation.
  9. and it was all about 100€/$ OBC for his 3y old son. Alone the 5%+5% reduction was 95€/$ reduction per 1000€ cost of the the booking...+ 100€/$ per adult and double points. The sky is the limit.
  10. same here. Dec 20 out of MIA and Apr 21 out of Barcelona: will be announced soon
  11. Of cours it has been in the T&C from the beginning. Like Quattrohead says: some people have lofty expectations...to say the least. If you are not happy with a reduction of 5%+5% and 100€/$ per adult OBC, than to cancel is your best option and continue looking for a cruise for free where they pay you on top of that to sail with them...good luck 😅
  12. But still: feel free to cancel your booking because your son who travels for free didn't get 100€ OBC to buy himself a nice bottle of Veuve Cliquot.
  13. Norway: www.msccruises.no/min-cruise/msc-voyagers-club/msc-club-pax-type-55 Vilkår og betingelser Ombordkreditt er ikke tilgjengelig for MSC Voyagers Club-medlemmer under 18 år. 😉
  14. Swedish: www.msccruises.se/min-bokning/msc-voyagers-club/rabatt-5-plus-5 Villkor Ombordkredit är inte tillgängligt för MSC Voyagers Club-medlemmar under 18 år. 😉
  15. *TERMS & CONDITIONS On-board credit is not available for MSC Voyagers Club members under the age of 18. BTW, how much did you pay for your 3 Year old son RealNorwegianCruiser? Stay safe
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