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  1. Apologies if this question is not in the right place, I just thought that you lot would have a lot of experience! I was supposed to be spending my birthday on a cruise in July this year, however it is looking likely we will be postponing this cruise until next year. Now instead I would like to throw a cruise themed party (on firm ground!) that feels like i’m on a cruise; any advice from people that have previously done this, or any fresh ideas from people? Im looking for little things that you experience on a cruise that make it feel like you’re on a cruise! thanks in a
  2. We have never cruised with Celebrity before so have never seen a drinks menu from them! Are the smoothies and milkshakes clearly on there or do you specifically have to ask for them? What sorts of flavours are available?
  3. Are you expected to tip whoever brings your room service even if you have prepaid gratuities? On our previous Royal Caribbean cruise with prepaid gratuities we would often order continental breakfast items and we never tipped? Obviously I know it is not mandatory, but is it “the norm” to tip room service?
  4. It’s in the cruise planner for my Eastern Mediterranean cruise in the summer, and they are only going to put it on the cruise planner if it’s actually available for you!
  5. does anyone know whether this is for under 12s only or under 18s too?
  6. Thank you for all of your replies, and an extra thank you to those who went to the trouble of digging their photo out!
  7. It sounds great! its a small touch but considering you get nothing of the sort on RC then its actually quite a big deal, and thoughtful too!
  8. I think you have missed the point of the post - if a teen wants to silently read a book with their headphones in, what is the problem? it isn't so much parents deciding their child is "quiet enough" - the teen is being quiet (probably silent!) and their parents have paid an adult fare for them if they are a teen However, i totally agree that not every 14 should be allowed into the solarium - it is a place to escape noisy children (and people)
  9. I've heard about a "welcome station" at the dock when you re-board the ship when it is hot - this is not something that Royal Caribbean do so I was unaware of this! Could somebody please provide a photo? (if you have any) and maybe some more information - are drinks complimentary if you have a drinks package? what is actually offered to you? many thank in advance
  10. I had no idea you could book on the cruise planner! Can we book in advance for every night or is it just something you can do during the cruise online? There will be three of us (a family not a thruple lol) - will we still be able to get a table okay? The welcome back station sounds great! does anyone have any pictures? The whole experience sounds much more personal and enjoyable than Royal Caribbean - we didn't find the staff to be too attentive and there was defiantly not as much attention to detail! I can't wait now! Thanks so much for your help.
  11. We will be sailing on the Celebrity Infinity (before the renovations 😞 ) - we have only been on one cruise before with Royal Caribbean. I can't think of any specific questions now but I will let you know if i think of any. We have booked an inside cabin, deck 9. We currently have Select dining - on our previous cruise we had the fixed early dining time; we personally hated this as our cruise was quite excursion heavy and it meant we had very little time in the sun on the pool deck as we returned from the excursions quite late. Would you be able to give some
  12. Thank you! I have recently book my first Celebrity Cruise (have previously sailed with Royal Caribbean) - is there any tips or heads up you could give me?
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