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  1. Curious: has this been reported/verified on any other sites?
  2. I hope so. We would like to sail her before she goes and then the Enchantment another time.
  3. We booked the January 21, 2021 trip. Maybe we'll see you there!
  4. Thanks everyone! I put a deposit down for a January 2021 cruise on the Grandeur. Final payment isn't due until October, so plenty of time to make changes or cancel between now and then. The pricing was too good to not lock in! We'll see what happens between now and October.
  5. Thanks for the info. I chose an aft category cabin that is closer to the spa and Solarium.
  6. We are looking at January 2021. Not sure if cruises will be happening by then...
  7. We live about 30 minutes from the Baltimore port and 3 hours from the Bayonne port. We have been on the Anthem quite a few times. Husband and I are looking for a low-key, relatively inexpensive and relatively short getaway. Unplugging with a stack of books! We have had two 2020 cruises cancelled so far. Looking at the January 2021 8-day Southeast coast (one with the stop in Charleston) for my husband's birthday and a break from winter in DC. We have a "bigger" trip booked for May 2021 to celebrate our 31st anniversary (30th anniversary was one of the canceled cruises 😞 ) and our son's graduat
  8. Gotcha. We usually do sail out of Bayonne. Just thought we would try something different and departing from closer to home. From everything I have read so far, people seem to either love the "quaintness" of the smaller, older Grandeur without the bells and whistles, or hate it for the same reasons.
  9. This is info I found on a Royal Caribbean blog, but I don't know how current the information is. "There are two main benefits to booking a junior suite. First and foremost, is the space this category of stateroom gives you. Compared to regular balcony staterooms, junior suites give much more living space as well as balcony space on average. The other main benefit to booking a junior suite is you get double the Crown and Anchor Society points. All suites are eligible for double Crown & Anchor Society points. Of course, junior suites are the least expen
  10. I apologize in advance if this has been addressed somewhere. Can someone tell me what perks/benefits are associated with a Junior Suite on Grandeur (besides more space). I think I read extra C& A points and robes for use in room. Anything else? TIA!
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