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  1. thanks for sharing that info much appreciated!!!
  2. I did my check in with the app and we were able to select a time slot. We chose 11:30, BUT I had to make the same selection for both of us during the online check-in using the app. That might be why you had different times. One question I have is, do I need to line up in the terminal or can I walk on board???? Where do I get my room keys. We are sailing on Connie from Venice on Sunday. Just really curious how it works.
  3. 100% Celebrity. They have actively marketed to the LGBT community. They were the 1st cruise line to celebrate pride day at sea. They are also the 1st cruise line to have corporate staff marching in the Miami Pride Parade.
  4. We docked there once with Avalon. Just a cruise dock and gravel parking lot. It's only a few hundred feet from the Parliament buildings. It wasn't the most picturesque place to dock, but it was easily accessible by taxi.
  5. Regent sent the following email to TA's yesterday afternoon. Dear Valued Travel Partner, Yesterday, the United States government enacted new restrictions on travel to Cuba, and as a result, we must adjust our itineraries to remove all Cuban ports of call. For those of you that have clients booked, we will begin issuing official itinerary change notifications to you and your clients later this week. If you have specific questions, please contact your Sales Representative or our Passenger Services team at 1.844.4REGENT (1.844.473.4368).
  6. You may be very surprised by the culture and the incredible restoration of many history buildings. We spent 2 days there on a cruise and I felt is was well worth the visit. Yes, there is a lot of poverty but no different then the Dominican Republic or India. The Cuban people we met were VERY welcoming. Mass tourism hasn't jaded or ruined the culture. I felt the visit was as good as what we had in St. Petersburg.
  7. so sorry but there is very little freedom for a young woman who is pregnant in most of the US at the moment, so please spare us the lecturers on freedom.
  8. So sad to see such comments from people who have never visited the island. The people of Cuba are very warm and welcoming and the island is really amazing, although still very poor the Cuban people I've met there were very proud. I don't blame anyone for being angry from the suffering, but a boycott doesn't help the local people at all. It just builds wall between people.
  9. There are busier stretches of rivers. For example the Rhine gorge is much busier, but has better traffic flowing and has way more bends and curves. I was told by a Captain a few years ago while we were onboard the Avalon Vista in Budapest, there are some restrictions on the River Cruisers and touring at night was very limited. He said the local tour companies have always had issues the big river cruisers doing sightseeing trips on the river at night. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the investigation is.
  10. The last time I was onboard it was the Tuscan Grill that was used Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I will have to rethink the cruise I just booked. After paying for air and the deposit I just checked the planner. Several ports there is just 1 excursion my husband (73) can take. Totally crazy that we cannot even do a walking tour in Zadar, however in Dubrovnick he can take the extremely strenuous Game of Thrones tour. Makes no sense to me at all.
  12. What a crazy 24 hours for that Captain!!!!
  13. The 1st medical disembarkation in Nassau was a guest, not a crew member. It was an elderly woman, she was accompanied by her husband (whom I later found out has alzheimer's), The woman had grey hair and had difficulty breathing. She was conscious as she was loaded onto the ambulance. The 2nd medical was also a passenger who was in a coma. We left Nassau just before 11pm and when I checked MarineTraffic we were at a speed of 22.3 knots which meant we should have been able to reach Miami by 6am. Not sure what happened to cause the late arrival. It is possible to reach Nassau from Miami in about 5 hours.
  14. the crew did an amazing job yesterday and today. There were a lot of upset guest because of the extended delays this morning. We were told via a letter to our cabin this morning that disembarkation would be delayed by 1 hour. This was extended and extended. There was nothing mentioned about the crew member's death, however yesterday (New Year's day) at 10am there was a Code Mike to the room service area on deck 5.
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