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  1. Well, from a practical point, the majority of passengers not vaccinated were children too young to get vaccinated. So, if you're looking at adults, then yeah, you won't see very many. 5% of 3000 is only 150 ppl, and with most of them being young children, then how many adults do you think there were? And how easy to spot them?
  2. I will add two extra rechargeble usb supplies as backup. Thanks!
  3. I never understood why they would go public with on board cameras anyway. Suppose someone was cruising with someone other than their better half? And the spouse caught it on camera! LOL!
  4. I was not aware that the buffet line killed ppl. who knew? I do know that ppl were complaining because the buffets were going to be screwed up. Carnival made the buffets back to normal. Now, ppl are upset things are normal. You guys need a vacay more than I do. LOL!
  5. I looked on Shipmate app, and the deck cams are not even listed as an option for the Horizon. It is for the Vista, but it is not up right now.
  6. Well, I'm still a fan of smaller ships. My last cruise before the (well, you know), was the Freedom and it's a Conquest class ship, and I loved it! I am booked on the Vista but only because it is the only one cruising 7 days out of Galveston.
  7. How come I'm not getting an offer? I sail on the 24th of July. Do think that i can't afford it? lol
  8. Why was this airplane scheduled entering into the US to begin with? And why didn't the airline notify its passengers they were canceled? If the ban was not to allow anyone from the UK?
  9. Where did you go on your phone to do the update? I don't see that option anymore on my iphone.
  10. My iphone must auto update, because when i go to the app store, it just says "open", plus when I run the app it always has the new features everyone is posting about. Plus, John Heald himself said you didn't need to.
  11. You don't need to update or re-install it if you already have it.
  12. The Ship Life spent about a week in Cozumel and he said they were not really enforcing the mask mandate in town. However, when we get there, we will wear the mask to the taxi and in the taxi to the beach.
  13. I think as long as the cruise is a closed loop, IOWs if it returns to the same port where it started, a passport is not required, but, there is always a big but in there somewhere, its wise to always travel with a passport in case things happen. I would do as Mpdog42 recommends and get yours renewed.
  14. It was probably around 3 weeks or so.
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