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  1. Don't need to wait on vax's, since we do have treatments that work. Those medical supplies could be stored on each ship too. Be less expensive than going bankrupt in my humble opinion.
  2. It seems to not be a problem even though they say the wait times are around 45 minutes to 90 minutes. But, since they are only allowing a fraction of full capacity, that might be the explanation. If we go back to 100%, 90 minutes will take a long time for everybody to board.
  3. The videos that I've watched describe that if you test positive on the quick test, then they test you using the PCR test and if you test positive on that one, then you're not allowed to board the ship. But if you test negative on the first test, or the PCR test, you can board. It seems to be the protocol they are using as they are starting up. But if the PCR tests are coming back with a 90% error rate, I think they should consider another test.
  4. Is it legal to provide links to news articles on this board? I have no problem with posting the link, but don't want to do something wrong. It's on the New York Times. Google it. I've been watching videos on youtube of cruises that have started, and they explain the protocols that they have been using.
  5. MSC has been cruising for a short while now, and watching some of the videos that describe the protocols that they are using shows that upon embarkation, they are running two tests for the Corona Virus. The first one has a reasonable fast turn around on the results, and if you test positive, then you have to take the second test which is known as the PCR test. If you pass this test, you can board the ship. In the NY Times today, a report came out stating that the PCR test is 90% inaccurate for false positives. Something to do with the number of cycles that the test runs through. I
  6. Lets see if I understand this: Pax have to be tested negative before getting on ship along with all the crew members, they sail for a few days, go to a controlled island, or controlled US port, then return. Hoping that everyone is still negative. And this proves what? That ships can't manufacture the virus? It seems to me they are only testing the viability of the PAX willingness to obey all the protocols that will be required during the sailing. Or, maybe I'm missing something. Please don't start a flame war, you can call me stupid if you wan
  7. With the past 6 months and no cruising, how can they fix all the things when they have very little port access to board the proper technicians, supplies and parts needed?
  8. The other poster said they were guilty of dumping grey water that had too much oil content to be considered grey water. Did they also dump raw sewage too? he didn't mention that one. As we all know there is a big difference between raw sewage and grey water.
  9. I hope not to start a controversy, but do we know what all the allegations are against Carnival, and if any of them are totally unreasonable? Just asking...
  10. Is it possible that the ships that have been salvaged help address the judge's concerns?
  11. We should be seeing some evidence right now that cruise lines are bringing back employees and crew members to the ships planning on November cruises. Also, cruise staff and the entertainers, because it takes time for them to rehearse and get their shows up to performance standards. I'm sure the entertainers will be rehearsing at whatever studios they own on land. They can be the last to be loaded on the ships.
  12. So, the Whitehouse says cruises can start on Nov 1st, but Carnival is choosing to start in a very limited fashion. Makes sense, I guess.
  13. I think for the most part, ppl are wearing masks, even though most feel it is non-sensical. We are not going to start cruising until the fear go away.
  14. There have been studies that show that only in an extreme rare case would that happen. Too rare to be concerned about. IMO. The problem is that some ppl are trying to make this a bigger scare than what it deserves. IMO.
  15. I think that if you're showing symptons, you will know that you will be sneezing and coughing. Unexpected sneezes would not be loaded with virus microns, much less corona microns. There is a whole lot of reasons for coughing and sneezing than just the corona virus. LOL! You guys act like every cough is a corona cough. BTW, if the cruise lines don't PUSH BACK against the CDC, then the CDC will never find time to deal with the Cruise Industry. I think that this falls into the 'squeaky wheel' syndrome.
  16. Why not allow passengers to at least roam about in the controlled areas by the cruiselines? For instance Cozumel and Mohagony Bay come to mind. Plus the cruise owned Cays.
  17. I don't have a clue who all the CD's I've sailed with over the past 25 or 30 years. Is there a way I can enter in the dates and ships to lookup who the CD was? Just curious now.....
  18. All the more reason not to book cruises right now. We need to give them a chance to get everything settled before we book again.
  19. If you have a cruise booked that you think won't sail, don't cancel. Let them cancel. They will then refund or let you transfer your money to a later cruise, plus OBC.
  20. I'm about the same. I love the way Carnival does the Kareoke better than any of the other cruise lines.
  21. I also like the smaller ships. It seems to me that they could design a smaller ship with balcony cabins.
  22. Actually there are tests that is about as simple as testing your blood, and results are under 30 minutes. If getting the virus is so easy from our breathing, then why do they have to stick the swab all the way to the back of the brain to find a virus or not? Some mysteries.
  23. I'm new here, what caused the cruises to stop between the 60's and 80's?
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