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  1. ranchette

    Cozumel port on the Escape

    Thanks very much for your reply
  2. Does anyone know what port the Escape docks at in Cozumel? Is it the port downtown (Punta Langosta) or the two southern ports (Puerta Maya & International)?
  3. Does anyone know if there are any super bowl parties on the Escape and where they would be?
  4. ranchette

    bringing wine onboard

    How much wine are you allowed to bring onboard?
  5. ranchette

    NCL Escape

    We are going Feb; 3. Let me know all about it when you get back. Have a great cruise!
  6. ranchette

    NCL Escape

    I have joined the roll call. When is your cruise?
  7. ranchette

    NCL Escape

    Going on the Escape the western Caribbean cruise 14 days. Which private islands can you use the drink package on? Harvest Caaye or Great Stirrup cay?
  8. ranchette

    Emergency Assistance Plus EA+

    Do you know if they cover the entire cost if you need to be evacuated?
  9. Has anyone ever have to us their services? Are you fully covered for a medical emergency evacuation? Anyone know?
  10. I'm looking for cancellation insurance for any reason. What company offers this?
  11. ranchette

    Oasis out of New Jersey

    What is the difference in the solariums?
  12. What balcony stateroom would you recommend? Central park view,Boardwalk view,or Ocean view? Also is the solarium like the one on the Anthem of the seas?
  13. ranchette

    Orlando Port Canaveral

    What is there to do at this port ? We have been to the Kennedy Space Center, Disney & Epcot . Any suggestions? Is it worthwhile to take the shuttle to Coco Beach for a few hours?
  14. Where on the RCCL website can I bid for an upgrade? I can;t find where to do it.
  15. ranchette

    MSC New Drink Package and YC

    Where can I find the changes in the package?