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  1. How do you know? Where did you get this information?
  2. Do you think once the cruises startup will there be shows onboard?
  3. Are there any benefits in booking a cruise on board and if so what are they? Do you get a better price for the cabin?
  4. Are there any hotels in Port Canaveral that have a shuttle from MCO to the hotel? If so which ones ?
  5. Are the hotels offered by Go Port at the airport decent hotels? Has anyone stayed at them and if so which one?
  6. Which hotel would you stay at Home 2 suites by Hilton or the Radisson? Rates are very similar.
  7. Thanks for your reply. We have a very early flight and will be arriving around 10:00 am. I guess we will head over close to the port. Any hotel rocommendations?
  8. Does anyone know what uber might charge from the airport to coco beach or port canaveral?
  9. We haven't booked the airfare as yet but I think I would like to stay at the port. Thanks for your replies
  10. Going on a cruise out of Port Canaveral and looking for a hotel room for one night. Would you stay in Port Canaveral or Cocoa Beach? What hotel would you recommend?
  11. Can you use a FCC on a future cruise already booked? I have a cruise booked in Feb. 2021 and if it is canceled can I use it towards my Sept. 2021 cruise already booked???
  12. How far in advance do you have to book GoPort?
  13. That's not good will look for other options
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