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  1. Thank you let me know how it works out for you.
  2. Coming in around 4:30 p.m. need a room for one night before the cruise. Are there any hotels you recommend with or without a shuttle to the cruiseport. How far is the airport to the cruise terminal in Miami?
  3. Has anyone stayed in this cabin? Does the bathroom have a seperate shower or just the shower in the tub?
  4. Does anyone know if these cabins have regular walk in showers or is it a bathtub combination? We are in cabin 16016?
  5. Wow that is really high no way can he do that. We need a walk in shower not handicap.
  6. That is my concern my husband has a problem with the big steps into the tub.
  7. Thanks for your reply but is there a seperate walk in shower in addition to the bathtub?
  8. Does anyone know if the grand suite 1 bedroom have a walk in shower or does it have the bathtub combination?
  9. We need a hotel one night before the cruise nearby the cruiseport. Any suggestions?
  10. How long does it take to get the FCC? I canceled before final payment was due.
  11. Has anyone who was booked on the Oasis for May 30,2021 received an FCC for their non refundable deposit? My TA said we should be receiving an FCC for the deposit even though it is non refundable because of Covid.
  12. Do you know if you can use it for an existing reservation or does it have to be a new one?
  13. If I cancel my cruise before final payment will I be able to get a FCC for my non refundable deposit?
  14. Can it be used for an existing reservation?
  15. If you get an FCC for a canceled cruise do you have to use it and book with the same TA or can you use a different TA?
  16. So If my cruise in May is canceled I would be able to apply a FCC to my cruise in February 2022?
  17. I have a cruise booked for May 2021 if this cruise is canceled after I make final payment can I have the payment transferred to a cruise already booked in 2022?
  18. Thanks for telling me this I will have my TA check it out.
  19. Yes I booked with MSC USA through my travel agent and she told me there is now a non refundable deposit for future cruises.
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