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  1. Thank you for your reply, I will book it now.
  2. If I purchase the drink package on the ship can I use my OBC to pay?
  3. Thank you If i am on a 4 night cruise I would only pay for 3 days? Is that correct?
  4. Can someone explain how the drink package works on the Venezia? Do you get it on the first day?
  5. She is from NY and yes it s san enhanced drivers license
  6. My friend is going on the Carnival venezia and has an expired passport can she get on with an enhanced drivers license and birth certificate?
  7. Does anyone know if there are any solo meet ups on the Oasis of the seas. Thinking about going in October and hoping there will be some solos aboard.
  8. Does NCL have a ferry that goes to Saint George?
  9. Going In August on the Joy which beach would you recommend and which beach is easier to get to? What is the cost for chairs & umbrellas?
  10. Is it the same telephone # for reservations? Anyone have the number?
  11. Are you still able to bring wine on board the Anthem OTS?
  12. We are on the Anthem ots Royal Caribbean.
  13. Thanks for your reply. We have been to St. Lucia many times and took private tours. I was just looking to do something right off the ship this time. How would I get to the area across the bay?
  14. Is there any shopping or restaurants to go to right off the boat or do you have to take a taxi to go anywhere?
  15. Too far want something closer to the ship.
  16. Looking at Fort James Beach,Dickinson Bay or Turners Beach. Would lkie a chair,umbrella, and lunch. Which beach and why?Hope you can help.
  17. ranchette

    Sheer Rocks

    Do you know if we are allowed to use the jacuzzi?
  18. ranchette

    Sheer Rocks

    Thanks for your reply. I just emailed them hopefully I will get a response.
  19. ranchette

    Sheer Rocks

    Is Sheer rocks opened on Sunday.? I tried to make a reservation fir January 29 and the calendar only goes to the 15th of January and then it starts for February.
  20. What are the daily service charges for a balcony room on the Anthem and can you use your OBC to pay the charges?
  21. I meant to say are the deposits non refundable.
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