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  1. Has anybody actually received any money back from Saga for the cancelled cruise "hidden Adriatic"departing 23 April OR any other cancelled cruise.???????? I was promised 15 days ago a full refund (£21,000+ )and that I would be receiving it within 7-10days. On day 11 was told 15 days. On day 15 was told another 5 days to wait. I am beginning to worry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian
  2. Many thanks.That is reassuring news. Thanks again.
  3. Where did you get your information from.? I cant find it ! Thank You
  4. Interesting-another port on our itinery was to Cadiz in Spain.
  5. Have also spent days trying to cancel our cruise,leaving 23rd April for 26 days,going to four Italian ports (including Venice) in the itinery.Been told that if I cancel will lose all my money-a considerable amount as have booked a suite.They will not budge-but just keep quoting "terms and conditions".When I pointed out that I was a first time cruiser with Saga,which in their own terms and conditions entitles me to come on the ship and immediately ask for my money back as they are not fulfilling their side of the contract by not going to Italy-they said this was very unfair and was not a very nice thing to do,but would not accept that it was unfair and not very nice to keep my money. I have pointed out that we are both over 70 and both with underlying health problems-they were not interested. Whether they will change their position in light of todays Government statement,I do not know. THIS IS RUINING SAGA`S REPUTATION. PS.I would like to add that the last three cruises by Spirit of Discovery have had cases of Norovirus aboard-and that all facilities have been shut down
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