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  1. Don't think my copy will download??? Try again ..as your silversea website may show the price in a different format !!! Cruise from Aqaba (Petra) to Mumbai - MO240126016 | Silversea
  2. Good morning to you all.. just woken up it's 815am 😊 if I can try to explain ... I looked on silversea site ..looked up find a cruise & chose the Jan 2024 silver moon Aqaba to Mumbai 16 nights ..& it came up with price £5700 for vista Inc economy flight & transfer .. then looked at offers for this cruise which was a showing it's a Venetian sailing ..offer to upgrade to business class £99.00 per person each way ... So you can imagine I was going jump at the chance.. so when I was told I could only be quoted for cruise only they took off £500.00 per person each for
  3. So much for my excitement in booking a cruise on silversea website for aqaba to Mumbai in Jan 2024 ( I know long way off !!) Price including economy fights & transfer with good price to upgrade to business class looked fantastic..but alas far to good to be true as they have come back this morning & said they can't quote for flights as it's to far out the time zone..which I can appreciate but why advertise Inc flights & transfer if they can't delivery 😞 back to the drawing board 🚢
  4. Thank you for your kind reply regards to my weather question ... Seems like it's will be hot hot hot 🔥🔥
  5. Have been to India several times but not untill march !!! Never done Egypt.. etc at all so not sure what the weather would be like in Jan !!! The price is fantastic !!! Even with upgrade to business class flights from London !!! Any thoughts on time of year to travel there???🚢
  6. Oh I'm hoping that your February cruise does go to plan but would be lovely to meet you on the special Venetian reunion sailing on the dawn in November 2022 ( perhaps you can do both ???🚢🍾🍾🙏 ) 😊 ??
  7. Yes thank you spins ... It was not silversea cruise on topic .. I remember having posted about my first silversea cruise 2005 silver wind .. and got told politely cruise info was off topic 😢 will I ever learn !!!🚢😘
  8. Oh I'm so so pleased ...I thought for a moment that I was not in cooler gang!!!! I'm such a little fragile person ..lol ... All your funny threads are so so funny and it goes to prove that we all have the same sence of humour !!! ... Just looking at 2023 silversea cruisers ...oh I'm thinking of booking Oct ,2023 ...already booked April 2022 ( sorry with crystal & Nov 2022 silver dawn Venetian special sailing ... Happy cruising 🚢🙏😷🍾🍾👔😊😊😊
  9. Hold On a minute !!! I was hung strung & quartered way back for talking about cruise lines etc !!!! When I first joined the cooler!!! I'm still thinking it's a elete group ... ( Although all of you l would say otherwise ... I guess I'm not in the club it's your rules .. happy cruising 🚢🙏😷🍾
  10. Ooh you beat me to it !!! My thoughts exactly 😂☀️
  11. I to am sorry to hear about you having to cancel your upcoming cruise ..and hope your wife makes a quick recovery... Your cruise profile lists crystal as being one of your favourite cruise lines so was this not going to be your first on crystal? Happy cruising soon 🙏🚢
  12. Good for you ..and by the way I'm not cruising at the moment ... No harm ment...
  13. I'm not afraid of anything Vince just had my say on the thread from bitbob ... Yes my husband & I are old school with dress attire and will remain to do so ... If crystal does go down the road of the big cruise lines then we look for something else or just stay in the fabulous Mediterranean land base ... Again not afraid BWIVince each to his own... By the way how far is stevensville from you??
  14. Yes part agree crystal more then dress code but it's that part what makes for a special cruise ..any one can do casual ( not my husband through.. Jacket & tie on casual night) we will soon be on the road of the major lines anything goes!!!( Nothing wrong with them started my cruising life 32 years ago with them but have moved on from shorts .flip flops at dinner ... You have been warned 😉👔👔 as the dowager countess of Grantham ( downtown Abbey) would say New money ..
  15. I'm not a snob but I did say on posts ages ago when crystal posted 7 day sailings in the Caribbean at the silly low fares that it would attract another class of passenger..when I looked at the people posting & looked at there favourite cruise lines well I rest my case ...I agree bitbob there's a time and place ...we have several ups& downs on the silversea site ref to dress code & it's never ending... My husband & I always luv to dress for dinner .ok little more relaxed at lunch but even then very smart ...
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