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  1. Just one little niggle I have is the heading of this page . It should be silversea ( one word no s!!) and Azamara 😉😎
  2. We had started our cruising with rccl back in 1990 & stayed with them for about 10 years also sailing with p&o . Costa . Celebrity... Doing about 2 /3 per year .. our first experience with silversea was 2005 and have never looked back !!! Yes they are a little more expensive but well worth just the one cruise rather then 2/3 per year.. also if you get booked when the prices are just released you do get a chance of a good price ...plus it's all inclusive ( apart from 2 dinning rooms & trips )although from 2022 they are including one trip per port day in the fare We also sail w
  3. Let's hope we can welcome you teabag to silversea ...inclusive & always exclusive 🚢
  4. We have a group of shantie singers here in the UK called the longest John's they are from my birth place Bristol !!they are very if your into that ..
  5. Here here ( would even consider the life boat!! ) 🚢
  6. Whenever I get a quote for a sailing the travel agent I use always confirm the cabin numbers Available along with the price on the grade selected .. quite simple here 😊
  7. Just to answer from a few messages about heath care & policies I'm truly grateful & thankful for our national health service ... Here in the United Kingdom... With my cancer treatment followed by stem cell transplant it was all done on the NHS.. ( I know we contribute towards throughout our working lives but it remains a life saver to so many )
  8. Sounds like me on s/s cruise panorama lounge !!!!
  9. For us in the UK asking a American to join our family for our traditional Sunday roast joint had a whole meaning!!!! 😁
  10. Oh my jpalbny I guess I'm slow on the uptake but I guess your a Dr ??? Ouch but I'm used to picks ..having a blood cancer ( myeloma) I'm still here after my diagnosis 2013 age 57.. Stem cell transplant 2014 I'm still here !!! Lots more cruising to do!!! I'm due here in the UK first jab by middle Feb !!! Watch this space... Sending all the coolers best wishes and hope all don't kick off next week!!!
  11. In the UK when we see these cars we always say.. how they have a picnic table!!!
  12. Fevertree !! I live 30mins away from where it's bottled😁 it saved one of the oldest makers of babycham ( sweet bubbles ) in Somerset .. it's the posh Schweppes here 😉
  13. Wow vistaman hapag Lloyd I can only dream...you sound a very experienced cruiser on so many lines 🚢 but UK is going through a very high death toll at this moment and things not looking good, the fact that the government has extended the job furlough now untill April tells me we still have a long way to go... I'm sorry I'm going a little off the title thread now so I will leave this subject but hope to get to sail again soon ( next one booked symphony April 2022 Greek islands & the holy land ...🙏
  14. On another note, it will be interesting to see what various countries will do regarding visitors that have been vaccinated for Covid 19. Many countries are so dependent on tourism that they have to consider what there policy will be in this regard. Yes as you say lots of countries are dependent on tourism but just having the vaccine doesn't turn things around that quickly... You may be safe in catching it but can still pass it on & unless each& every person has had the vaccine it's not going to be normality any time soon... I'm so sorry if I'm sounding so negative because
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