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  1. Sausage and duck liver roll Venison loin Treacle tart Cheese and biscuits Velvet devil merlot I like this game!
  2. Chicken and ham terrine Leg of lamb Bread and butter pudding Cheese and biscuits
  3. We were booked for the Holiday Inn express by the cricket ground on a nonrefundable deal and we're given the option of changing the date of our stay and paying any difference or cancelling. Chose to cancel and we're refunded in full 15 days later. Excellent service.
  4. Duck rillette Lamb leg steak Roasted fruits Bottle of Velvet Devil merlot Cheese board Glass of port And some good company I'd go to bed a very happy boy!
  5. Beef pepper fry Lamb shank Bread and butter pudding Not even going to eat and it still took me 15 minutes to make my mind up!
  6. We love Monte Carlo as well, and also Villefranche sure mer, between Monte and Nice. Tiny place, one Street and an old fort, but a lovely spot to spend a few hours. Also love Cadiz and Madeira, and Ajaccio is very nice.
  7. Not always. Mine goes up to February 31st!
  8. I'd rather have an Estrella than a John Smiths also, can't stand the stuff! We couldn't find very much to do or interest us in Vigo is all, at least in Gibraltar there's the cable car, tunnels, beach, and a bit of military history. As you say, we're all different, perhaps that's why we choose cruise holidays, for the variety of destinations. Here's to the next one, whenever it may be!
  9. We're on that one, too.....hopefully👍
  10. Sorry, but I think it's a fake, real ones are at least 40 Euro.😉
  11. Selbourne, was that two seperate payments? Mine was one payment for the full amount
  12. Hi Michele, I'd get on the phone/email promptly and bring this to their attention. Seem to recall others on here having the same problem. We booked in the same way but our refund was for the full amount; once again, there seems to be no rhyme nor reason to p&o's methodology.
  13. We stock up with cigars (for me) and gin (for both of us), for the year. Well, OK, 6 months😉 We actually quite like it; yes, it could be a bit less frantic at times and 6 or so hours is probably enough most of the time, but a full day would give us the chance to explore a little more widely. I'd certainly be happier to spend more time there and less in somewhere like Vigo, for instance.
  14. Sorry, no ,this November. Should have made myself clearer. Although Saab4444 says she's being delivered in June (thanks for the info👍), I think international travel restrictions could be so limiting it might not be practical for a lot of people. I do hope I'm wrong though, We need a holiday!
  15. There's no doubt a lot of people -me included- think that he should be held to account for the appalling conduct of the company. However, even though he fronts the business, is he still not an employee of Carnival, and therefore doing his masters bidding? It could potentially be that they are extremely happy with the fact that he's held on to millions of pounds that they had no right to, without litigation (so far). If he does have to fall on his sword, then would it be just for appearance sake, and with a massive pay off and a job in a sister company? Leaves a bad taste in the mout
  16. The way things are going, she may not even have completed sea trials and be in service by then. We're due to go to the Canaries on her in november. Don't expect it to happen 🙁
  17. Yes they will, at least they did with mine.
  18. Congratulations, hope the rest of what you're owed comes through soon.👍
  19. Select fare for us, mainly because we prefer freedom dining. We prefer the option of eating when we're ready, not when we're told. We usually book early, so don't always get a huge amount of obc, sometimes only £45pp for two weeks. We'll take the car parking option for this as we don't consider £90 overly expensive for secure parking.
  20. Hi Harry, never say never, so we may well look at using a ta in the future as a price comparison exercise, though our next three are booked already. Think I know the one you mean. I must say though, going by what I've seen on here, most agents seem not to have covered themselves with glory in the refund situation , how have yours been?
  21. We used to book with a high street agent who sadly went out of business last year, apart from a couple of bookings made on board to take advantage of the low deposit. Interestingly, p&o insisted on sending the bookings to the agent anyway. Since then we've booked direct via the phone, as the website usually crashes part way through a booking, and have found it very straightforward and the staff really good. We also find booking as soon as they become available gets you the most cost effective deal, countering any discount we may have got from the ta.
  22. Very true. Let's not forget that many of the staff are working under threat of redundancy and/or reduced hours. It's not easy to maintain interest in your job when you're worried about how to pay the bills. Especially when those above you are not providing the answers to the questions you are being repeatedly asked by their customers. Why do P&O consider social media is the best way to keep in touch with their customers? We don't all subscribe
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