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  1. It's my pleasure, Host Bonjour! I am so excited for these voyages and for all the adventures our guests will experience onboard Ultramarine. Feel free to reply to this thread or contact our team directly if you'd like any additional information related to our expeditions and vessels. We look forward to being more active in the Cruise Critic community, so we'll see you around! 🙂 Have a great week ahead, Nicolas at Quark Expeditions
  2. Hi @bohaiboy, We’ve been asked previously in this Q&A about whether Ultramarine is trying to match the luxury offerings of our competitors, and although Ultramarine’s onboard features and amenities are slightly more luxurious than the rest of the vessels in our fleet, our top priority remains the expedition experience of our guests. With over 30 years of experience operating exclusively in the Polar Regions, our team knew exactly which features would make this the ultimate expedition vessel. Some of the highlights from the design influenced by our Shore-based and Ship
  3. My pleasure, @PaulMCO! I am really excited for you, I've been thinking about that one ever since our Product team first came up with it internally. Rooting for travel restrictions and the global pandemic response improves by then!
  4. Hey @PaulMCO, Can you confirm which two expeditions you'd like to combine? Are you referring to combining the Northwest Passage: In the Footsteps of Franklin and the Northwest Passage: Epic High Arctic expeditions?
  5. Hi @Host Bonjour, Thank you so much, we love your enthusiasm! We’re so excited for Ultramarine and all that she’s going to deliver for our guests. The Arctic Express Canada: The Heart of the Northwest Passage expedition is one of the new itineraries that are now possible thanks to Ultramarine. Our guests will be adventuring into one of the least explored corners of the Canadian Arctic! The helicopter excursions will be planned and organized by the Expedition Leader depending on weather and ice conditions. They are not mandatory and we completely understand if you’d
  6. Hey Host CMLA, We’re loving your enthusiasm about Ultramarine and what the ship will deliver. Thank you so much to Laura and the Cruise Critic team for having us here. The Micro Auto Gasification System (or MAGS) is such a critical component of waste management when traveling to such sensitive areas. This innovative feature converts waste into thermal energy (allowing it to power itself continuously after the initial start up process), while scrubbing any excess emissions of any pollutants. Watch this video to learn more about MAGS: Here are a few addit
  7. Hey Paul, Really loving these great questions from you! We definitely agree, the expedition cruising market has seen an increase in operators and big-name brands from the ocean cruising market have started to get in on it in the last few years. One of the key differentiators as an operator is our expertise. We have exclusively conducted polar expeditions for over 30+ years and have taken more travelers to the Polar Regions than any other operator. Some of the highlights from our operations include: The first-ever tourism transit of the Northeast Passage in 1991 We
  8. Hi gnld, We currently do not have any scheduled expeditions to East Antarctica onboard Ultramarine. Our team is currently exploring potential opportunities to fully leverage the extended reach and it’s two twin-engine helicopters onboard this vessel in both the Arctic and Antarctic. For instance, we’ve successfully launched the Greenland Adventure: Explore by Sea, Land & Air expedition, this is an example of the itinerary innovation that is directly related to the features and accessibility that Ultramarine provides in the Polar Regions. I advise you to join our e
  9. Hi ACruiseGuy, This is such an exciting voyage! As the name mentions, this expedition retraces the route the ill-fated Franklin expedition that in 1845 departed the shores of England in search of the last unexplored section of the Northwest Passage. In addition to the historical relevance to the Franklin expedition, this voyage immerses our guests into the cultural aspect of the Arctic that many guests often overlook. Traveling on small expedition vessels allow our guests to visit, learn about and interact with Inuit communities in Northern Canada and West Greenland.
  10. Hi Paul, That’s a great question! Ultramarine is our first owned vessel which means that she’ll be in our fleet permanently in both the Arctic and Antarctic. For the last 30 years of operations, we’ve always operated by chartering vessels into our polar fleet. This involves looking into the cost, fit and viability of each vessel before it joins our fleet for a fixed-term contract. We’re currently scheduled to operate both the Ocean Adventurer and the Ocean Diamond through the 2022.23 Antarctic Season. Ultramarine will be operating alongside these vessels in the Antarctic. Our
  11. Hi @kaisatsu, we got you, apologies for the delayed response! Flightseeing is an included activity on most Ultramarine departures (the outliers are destinations where helicopter flights are not permitted. e.g. Spitsbergen). There are other included helicopter activities such as Heli-Landing, we recommend you check out each expedition to get a better idea. We've added a screenshot of where you can find what's included vs paid on our expedition pages below. The regular helicopter icon refers to the included Flightseeing activity. The second icon you referred depicts our Exclusive Heli-La
  12. Hey Khle, we understand your concerns around international travel and embarkation/disembarkation logistics. Our team, and other Antarctic expedition operators, have been monitoring the situation and working with local partners to better understand and prepare for the possibility of a cancelled or delayed season. All our booked guests will be notified of any decision or circumstances that affect their upcoming departures.
  13. @PerfectlyPerth's response is accurate. The age range on our expeditions can be really diverse. On our longer expeditions, you can expect guests in the 45-65+ range. However, we've recently seen an increase in younger travelers to the Polar Regions when compared to our historical data. Throughout your expedition, you'll notice that guests of all ages really come together over their shared passion of traveling and shared experiences in these remote regions. 🙂
  14. No worries, it's our pleasure. Feel free to send us any additional questions or if you'd like us to put you in touch with our team of Polar Travel Advisers. We are really thankful to @LauraS for making this Q&A happen for us.
  15. Hey Sharon, As mentioned before, the only requirement for older guests is being able to go up and down a flight of stairs, if you are able to do that multiple times a day, you'll be okay with most of our excursions and life onboard the ship. While on landing sites, you'll be able to choose your activity level. Our hiking/walking groups are divided into multiple groups and intensities. If you feel your initial group choice is too slow/fast for you, you can always change your group. If off-ship excursions are not an option, you'll be able to make the most of your expediti
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