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  1. The language in the order talks about cruise ship operator. However the first line in the definition of cruise ship operator refers to the Master of the vessel and necessary crew which would imply by ship.
  2. The issue is not the ability to ship at dry ice temperatures. A company I worked for was doing that in the Mid-90s. The problem is the cost. In the mid 90's it was costing us to about $45 to drop ship a package of 6 vials of our product (6 vials was one course of treatment for an infusion oncologic). Did not impact us that much since a course of treatment was about $9000 so the $45 was not much. With a vaccine that costs about $30 per vial or less the shipping costs would be a major percentage of product cost. The other issue is the coordination at the receiving end
  3. For that matter you have some dying from it and still telling the medical staff that it must be something else because COVID is a hoax and does not exist.
  4. But it is fun to take the links that some of the trolls post and point out how they really do not support the case they are trying to make. and that they are trying to use them totally out of context or for that matter author intent.
  5. This link is to the presentations for the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. They detail the 1A participants and the reasoning behind it. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/slides-2020-12.html
  6. Except the poster of the comment, that I responded to was Pinboy not you
  7. When the person posts ( Better not mention names here-- but, one is a "Marketing Expert " making over $200 K, but , can't write proper English ). It certainly seems to be judging to me. In context with the can't write proper English.
  8. Care to provide a link to the zebra fish study. My understanding of the use of zebra fish in 2018 was to use them for developmental tox studies using zebra fish embryo and that any transgenerational impacts were during treatments during the embryo developmental stage. It is my understanding that the vaccines are currently not tested and certainly not recommended for pregnant mothers. There are a number of drugs that have transgenerational impacts on zebra fish. For example fluoxetine (FLX) exposure during early zebrafish development induces hypocortisolism for at leas
  9. As usual you find some articles and then try and present them out of context. For example the following article states: “It still remains to be addressed whether this immune memory reactivity influences clinical outcomes and translates into some degrees of protection from more severe disease https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/immune-cells-common-cold-may-recognize-sars-cov-2 So the studies indicate lab results but as of yet there is no conclusion on if the T cell response actually provides protection. The next link deals with the same T
  10. One cannot judge either ones knowledge or job based on CC posts. Considering that many of these posts are quickly done on cell phone type key boards that can generate strange auto correct results, the language used and presence of errors is not unusual.
  11. If someone has active COVID then it certainly should be listed, just as if someone is obese, has high blood pressure and any other factors that may be a factor in death. They are also finding that some impacts of COVID (even is asymptomatic cases) are in damage to heart, circulatory system, kidneys and brain where the impact might not show up for months after active disease ends.
  12. You are taking exceptions and treating as if they applied to the majority. In the early days when testing was not available more entries were from clinical diagnosis. Of course at that time the main thing that Doctors were looking for was viral Pneumonia. At that time they also missed a number of items that we now know is related to COVID such as blood clots, strokes, kidney failure. So while in the early days there were most likely some misdiagnosis concerning pneumonia deaths, there were also a number of cases from strokes and other indications that did not get classified as C
  13. nocl


    The Marriott property??
  14. Of course keep in mind that antibody tests do have about a 5% false positive rate so one should not change behavior even if they get a positive test result showing prior infection.
  15. As someone that spent 10+ years working for FDA and another 10+ working in the pharmaceutical industry I will make the following points. 1. The FDA approved the trial criteria that used symptomatic disease as and end point. They did so because there is no easy way to check a large trial population for asymptomatic illness due to a current lack of known disease biomarkers that can be easily checked. 2. The FDA uses the same raw data set that the pharmaceutical company used to generate its analysis. The FDA runs its own analysis independently, but uses the same data. A
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