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  1. Try traveling to Hawaii. Every hotel you check into checks that you have been cleared by the state and exempt form quarantine, which means that if you are not vaccinated you have to tested negative. For that matter just try inside dining in Honolulu without a vaccine card in hand.
  2. The flights to Alaska were pretty busy this summer. Most of the business owners that I talked with indicated that their biggest problems were related to getting enough workers. That they could not get the foreign workers that they normally get each season. Even problem getting college students to come for the summer. Did not visit Kitchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, but did visit Homer, Seward, Anchorage among other places in the core of the state. Was surprised by how busy many places were in June. The hotels the cruise lines own and use were closed, but they are their own enclaves, using mostly seasonal workers.
  3. More the economy of Juneau, Sitka, and the 4 or 5 other cruise ports, than the economy of Alaska as a whole. Even then, except for the native owned corporations, many of businesses that benefit for the cruise lines, are not owned by Alaskian residents, but instead non resident companies that follow the cruise ships from region to region. Mostly using temporary workers, also non resident, brought in for the season. The largest impact is on the ports and local government budgets that collect the fees and taxes at each stop.
  4. relies on support, more like pays heavily in contributions and lobbying for support. They have not hesitated in the past to make their voice heard if they thought it benefited them financially. Any major change in US law is more likely to change a US cruise market that is their core financial driver. Major change could easily mean more players that currently stay out of the US market entering it and impacting their profitability. The changes that some are suggesting are unlikely to impact their pricing power once the market returns to normal, but certainly could negatively impact their expense structure. The cruise lines don't push for it, because it is unlikely to benefit them in any significant way, and is likely to negatively impact their business in the long term.
  5. several outside of the US, none in the US. I will leave the exact count and the number of deaths up to you. The articles and the descriptions of what went wrong in each case is part of the story.
  6. Are you certain? After all.it says mixed doses acceptable for cruises outside of the US. A cruise that ends in the US is not outside of the US.
  7. look up how many foreign ferries have sunk in the last 10 years around the world.
  8. Of course many of the non tourism industries, such as fishing and logging are increasingly regulated out of business.
  9. If you look at the CDC web site for the definition of fully vaccinated there is a sub note that clearly states that anyone that has received the complete vaccination set, for any of the vaccines as approved by FDA or WHO (AZ is shown as the WHO example) is considered to be fully vaccinated by CDC inside the US.
  10. It protects quite a bit including but not limited to the ferries operating in the US, tour boats, river boats, etc. Far more out there outside of large cruise ships. By itself changing the PVSA for large cruise ships would not change a thing. For the cruise lines to be willing to sail under the change it would also have to change immigration, tax and employment law. The law this year got around that by declaring the cruises between Seattle and Alaska to be foreign cruises. Doubt it would fly for a permanent change.
  11. if this were to be a permanent change I wonder how long it would take before the large northern Europe ferry/passenger type boats set up service. They would provide a level of service between the existing ferries and cruise ships and certainly be price competitive to the existing Alaskian Ferry system. One of the unintended consequences
  12. yes and no as the Florida restraining order against the CDC has shown, the ability to enforce uniformly for land and sea entry at boarders is not certain.
  13. might also be because anyone flying internationally must show test results before boarding aircraft. Easier to shut down land entry than trying to put similar requirements for land entry. FAA can require it for flights, land entry is less clear.
  14. Canadians have been able to fly into US, for most of the pandemic, just not drive over the boarder.
  15. Not as much as they used too. and something going over by accident I'd not the same as intentionally throwing things over. lots of cameras on ships most public areas, open decks and side of the ship are on camera these days.
  16. if he contacted security, and they found video proof of you throughing something overboard you most likely would have found your trip terminated at the next port, potentially aling with a ban from the cruise line.
  17. Most likely many charge the buy in to the ship account, but take the payment in cash. Cheaper than an ATM on board ship.
  18. Arrange some kind of business meeting in the US and you probably qualify for an essential travel exemption.
  19. I really don't understand how Americans and US residents are going to be able to cruise back, as most of the crew and staff on the Eurodam must be non-American? They are working crew of a vessel and would qualify for the essential travel exemption. The Carnival cruise director was an example, he could not fly from the UK to the US to join a Carnival ship as a passenger. But he could fly to the US to join a ship he was working on.
  20. They are probably the same type that would hold a place for hours, without being there and would go ballistic if someone did the same to them.
  21. but the harmony is only sailing between Spain and Italy. Not going to any other country. Both a well controlled. Apex is coming from Greece immediately prior to your cruise, a high risk country with minimal entrance restrictions. From a covid perspective quite a difference between the two. Are any passengers doing B2B from Greece. What is Spain requiring for passengers getting off coming from Greece?Can the crew get off at all coming from cruises in a High risk country. Maybe if Apex spent a couple of weeks in Spain first, maybe they would get the same leeway as the Harmony.
  22. As a stated the ships are sailing under totally different conditions. Where are the Royal ships sailing from? The only ones I see that touch ports in Spain are only sailing between Spain and Italy (both considered to be well controlled). The Royal Ship that has been sailing in Greece is not touching ports in Spain. The APEX started its cruise before in Greece, an area considered to be high risk. Entry into both Spain and Italy is more tightly controlled than passengers flying into Greece. Different itineraries can easily have different rules set by the country. Take for example in the US when a ship comes into the US from an international start it cannot carry passengers for 14 days. It could easily be conditions set by the Spanish government in order to let the ship in and sail.
  23. The Celebrity cruise and the Royal Caribbean cruises seem to be vastly different (other than they both start from Yes, but he is comparing it to protocols on Royal Caribbean cruises that have totally different itineraries. there are any number of reasons why Spain might be treating the ships and itineraries differently. The Celebrity ship is coming from Greece prior to the start of the TA. Some of the EU countries consider Greece to be high risk. Spain, for example, does not allow unvaccinated travelers from the US to enter the country. So are the vaccination requirements the same for both the Celebrity cruise and the Royal Caribbean cruises he is comparing it to?
  24. Do both cruise start from the same port, stop at the same countries. A country could have different requirements depending upon a number of different items.
  25. Was that before or after the cruise lines made the changes requiring tests for even those vaccinated, as will as adding the masks back in some areas of the ship.
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