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  1. I just returned from my cruise yesterday and rented a golf cart from Wet Money. $118.00 total. Picked it up within the port compound right outside the shopping area. Jamal was quick to get back to me. I had to pay up front. The golf cart was old and at times I wondered if it would make it back but it did get me around and we did have a good time. They drive on the left side of the road and that was challenging for me but thankfully, we made it around the whole island safe and sound. Seems like I reserved a couple months in advance but I cannot remember exactly how much in advance. There
  2. Will be on Sunshine in December Journey Cruise... cannot wait.. so excited to see your pictures... We are staying in Charleston a couple nights before the cruise at the Indigo Inn downtown.... Hoping we can just walk to the port... Have a great cruise.
  3. I had a 12x12x12 on wheels in San Juan and they rejected me taking it in. Saying that I could only have one no larger than about a 6 pack. I took it outside, put a luggage tag on it and it showed up with my checked luggage. In the future, I will put it inside my checked suitcase packed with clothing.
  4. I booked an early flight from the St Pete airport one time out of Tampa (wasn't even thinking about the time) anyway, the flight was around 10:30 am and the scheduled time in port was 8... It was a weekday so there was going to be rush hour traffic, and St Pete is quite a distance from Tampa....When I realized what I did, I was so mad at myself for doing something so stupid..... When I did my online check in I was sure to let Carnival know my airline arrangements and the last day of the cruise I received a letter telling me where to be at 7 am with our luggage. There were a about 5 other coup
  5. I was on Fascination in March. There was only one bedside table. There was also a straight back chair. We used the chair as the second table
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