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  1. Canada is the same. I've cancelled and rebooked with OBC many times.
  2. This is so helpful!!! Always appreciate hearing back from those with first hand experience.
  3. Your TA might be giving you a group rate. I have had this happen and I was not part of a group.
  4. Nice to hear from someone with personal experience. Thanks for sharing.
  5. when was this? Is it the discount rate or free cabin?
  6. Not going to banter with you. Read it as you like. Please, just by pass my posts or use the ignore feature. I come on here to help others not to correct them constantly.
  7. You have done the right thing. An honest approach!!!
  8. Please, by pass my posts. There is an ignore feature on this site. I come on here to be helpful, not to correct others.
  9. This is what I saw on fb Princess agent posted. Also, a few on here said they got this response when they emailed Princess recently. they will have to have a link on Personalizer or send it to us in email to submit Risk form ahead of time.
  10. I did see something ( don’t know where). That some EU companies would not accept proof of vaccination by vaccines not approved in their country. not sure now because this was a few months ago. Canada has done things differently re: dosage. So I can see your concern
  11. This has been contradicted by those who have emailed Princess and they will have agents at pier to assist with forms not completed. When you arrive at terminal. solution with all your issues. Choose another company to cruise with If it has to be done days before there are going to be many who won’t.
  12. I would never do that either time to book cruise with a different company
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