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  1. Is there a shuttle that runs from Port Everglades to the Fort Lauderdale Airport when you disembark - say on a regular loop or do I need to book one? Similar question for airport to pre cruise hotel. Haven't flown for a cruise to Port Everglades since 2009 and cannot remember how we got back to airport from the port. Not interested in Uber or Lyft. Any info is appreciated.
  2. Thanks to all for the input - Right now we are thinking seriously of booking as the itinerary is excellent. Plus Baltimore is only a quick 4 hr drive and we don't have to deal with airport hassles. But want to have enough input to decide for sure.
  3. Thank you so much - the fact that you have done it twice suggests it's a minor inconvenience and it wouldn't keep you from booking a similar cruise again. Am I right in thinking that?
  4. Looking at a cruise out of Baltimore January 2025. Was wondering what to expect? How many days before it's warm enough to go outside on deck? I know from Baltimore that it takes a good bit to just get out in open water. Will seas be rougher than normal heading out and cruising back? Only cruises we have ever taken in Dec and January have been from Ft. Lauderdale, but trying to avoid the flying if possible and Baltimore is a close easy option. The cruise we are looking at has 3 sea days at the beginning and the end of the cruise but wondering if 2 of the 3 each way will have us shuttered inside for warmth. Thank in advance for any info.
  5. Thats definitely a wrinkle that needs to be considered as it would definitely screw things up.
  6. Just finished reading the thread you suggested- thank you it is an excellent reference!
  7. Much thanks and Go Steelers! We are from the Pittsburgh area!
  8. We just attended a short seminar by Princess at our local AAA on Alaskan cruises. We have been talking about taking an Alaskan cruise for years. The 14-17 day Cruise tours really seem like the way to go. This would be a 1 time trip for us so we want to do it right. Anyone do 1 of these cruise tours recently? What did you like/dislike? Would you do the cruise tour again or better yet recommend it to a friend? Balcony vs Interior? We are thinking May or June? Thoughts? Is there a benefit to the 17 day tour vs a shorter one ( say 14 - 15 days)? Was there enough to do for that # of days? Was it worth the extra $. We were leaning more to the 15 day option. The presenter was really selling the "medallion" ships - are they worth it? Just seemed more "electronically connected" to me. There are 2 of us in our early 60's. We enjoy shopping, hiking and sightseeing. Trying to do this right since we only plan on doing it once. Appreciate your kind consideration and input.
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