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  1. Tomorrow we are cruising and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Two years ago this month we sailed on the Anthem, then we were the next to last cruise on her in March of 2020. I remember the March sailing very vividly, coming home to Bayonne the seas were very rough, waves unbelievable. I said to my husband I felt like the whole trip back was an omen for things to come. I don’t watch the news so I didn’t know of the impending pandemic that would change everything as we knew it. I often referred to the sailing out of Bayonne to Florida, Nassau and Coco cay as the bus trip. During the absence of our favorite pastime of cruising I realized I took it all for granted, never again. To be on a cruise ship, even if going nowhere is truly a blessing. So many will not be experiencing this again for all that has happened. For all that are back to enjoying being on our favorite ships, sailing, enjoying life, embrace it all. You just never know. Be safe, inhale the salt air.
  2. Hi radio, really enjoying your reports, we will be getting on when your getting off. At coco cay, did you notice if they were still using the oversized golf carts from the ship to get to the tram? Also how was the chair and umbrella availability?
  3. We have also cruised out of Bayonne on anthem, explorer, summit, many times, never had any issues. I believe one of the early returns during this start up was a crew member. “Older” crowds sail from everywhere.
  4. Just found out today that we’ve been upgraded to a junior suite, midship. Super excited it all worked out.
  5. I posted a couple of days ago that our cabin was taken from us due to spacing and would be reassigned at some point. Very stressful as I really liked the cabin I choose awhile back. Today much to my surprise and happiness we were upgraded to a junior suite, still mid ship. All ended well. Now too get pass the testing. I am still waiting on the kit ordered from royals site from the 8th. Hope that turns out well also. Super excited for the change.
  6. I called club Royal and spoke to a very nice guy, he was amazed of the change too but said due to CDC guidelines this was to be expected. Hopefully I’ll get something good, if not I’ll be calling back. The email is not specific as to when the new cabin will be assigned.
  7. Sailing on oasis in October and just received an email saying due to spacing they have taken our cabin away and will replace it when they find a place for us. This cruise is getting more stressful each day. I picked that cabin out quite awhile ago, to be mid ship and it was the one with the bigger balcony. Anyone else have this happen? Don’t know if being diamond will help any.
  8. Hi all, I’m new and all this testing stuff is just mind boggling or maybe it’s just me. Anyway I was reading thru some posts today and saw that urgent care adds some info to your results like being around COVID people or something like that even though you tested negative. I am planning on going to urgent care for our October cruise, I’ve checked and the nearest CVS that does the rapid test is over 50 miles from us so I was relying on using the urgent care but I’m concerned if the diagnosis they ad to your result could be detrimental for boarding. To back up the urgent care test I just ordered the 2 pack from the RCCL sight, now here is my crazy question, when I ordered it it asks who am I buying it for, I answered self, but it is a two pack so I’m hopefully assuming I can use one and my husband the other should we need them. Is this correct? Is this test kit the same as the other being offered by Abbott, Binmax Now 19 Ag card, I could not get on their sight all day. Sorry for these questions, I guess all the stress is getting me in a brain fog, what ever happened to just looking forward to going on your cruise and the big worry was not to over pack. Thanks for any insight.
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