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  1. Yep! If you haven't already paid for your gratuities prior to the bid being accepted you will be charged the higher Haven gratuities.
  2. DH and I were on the Panama Canal cruise on the Encore Oct 28- Nov 14th but it was cancelled. I am interested to see what happens now. Even though we had several cruises cancelled the past 15 months this was the one that hit the hardest. We are currently booked on the Joy Nov 6th.
  3. When I saw this thread I went in to do a mock booking and got nothing. However, I just tried again and can see all the dates. 🙂 WheW! had too many cruises cancelled the past 15 months.
  4. We were also on the Encore December 2019, there were only 1or 2 restaurants that offered Veuve by the bottle. I remember I got the “intel” off cruise critic. We never had a problem getting a bottle. Just had to know where to go.
  5. Yes, that has been our experience as well, thst is why I posted it.
  6. Since this one is really a repositioning cruise from Seattle to Miami I don’t think I would read anything in to it regarding PoA. More related to no repositioning needed if ship not in Seattle for Alaska.
  7. Our October 28th Panama Canal cruise on Encore is now showing sold out in all categories. I had a little hope it would go, but that is now gone. Our 5th cruise cancelled. We will keep trying! 😢
  8. The thing that I can’t get passed is since when is it a function of government to protect us from getting sick. (Not deathly Ill, not overrunning hospitals) just plain sick? We have and will continue to get sick. It’s part of living. That being said if some people are more comfortable wearing masks even after pandemic is over because it helps protect them from getting sick from airborne illness that’s fine. They are welcome to, just don’t put the focus on mandates to keep everyone from getting sick.
  9. We were on the Encore December 2019, staying in Haven and DH and I decided to upgrade to Premium Bev package. It was wonderful!! The wine, the champagne, (both by the glass and the bottle) the scotch, the bottled water, the coffees, the fresh squeezed juices, I could go on and on. Definitely took our already amazing vacation up a notch! Cheers 🥂
  10. Hubs and I are booked for Encore’s repositioning Panama Canal Cruise in late October. Guess this is the nail in the coffin. No reason to reposition a ship from Alaska to Miami if no Alaska. :(
  11. We made final payment in April! This is what NCL does right before they cancel!
  12. I’ve been checking my 28NOV sailing on Escape regularly and just now got the “You’re so close... Don’t lose you reservation now! Make Payment “ where I was seeing messages about upgrades. This happened to us on our other two cruises right before NCL cancelled.
  13. We are booked on Nov 28th on Escape. If they go we happily go! I will be smart and take precautions. It is nice to have some hope!
  14. We have cruised in the Haven several times. One of those was a forward facing penthouse suite on a lower deck (Getaway 2018), one of those was a Haven Spa Suite (Escape 2019). Our other 4 times (2018/2019) sadly no 2020 were on Bliss, Encore and Escape and they were all in the Haven proper. For myself I much prefer being in the Haven proper. I find I take advantage of more of the offerings and services available. I am also very much a people person and I really enjoy getting to know other guests. That is just easier with a smaller group. That being said there is no down side to traveling outside of Haven proper, it is merely a personal preference of mine. Can't wait to cruise again! Fingers crossed for Escape 28NOV20
  15. I saw where NCL cancelled cruises for August and September but I haven’t seen other cruise lines doing the same. I can’t imagine that departure ports being equal that one cruise line would cancel while others go. Thoughts??
  16. We are in Haven and have cruises booked for August and November (fingers crossed) I can confirm for both cruises it says not available for booking for all specialty restaurants.
  17. We sailed Encore the week after Thanksgiving 2019. Absolutely loved it! We were in a Penthouse Balcony in Haven. The observation lounge was beautiful and had so much space. The food and staff amazing. We also met a lot of people we still keep in contact with.
  18. Not totally unexpected, but so sad to miss our Honeymoon Cruise on Caribbean Princess
  19. We are booked on Caribbean Princess 13 night July 25th Colonial America and Canada. Waiting for their decision. If they are sailing we will be going!
  20. Thank you so much for sharing your cruise with us! My husband and I board tomorrow and I’m almost packed!!!
  21. On the Dec 1st sailing, just checked our docs and they say Terminal B. We are in Haven on 17, that looks to be like what they have on the boards you show. Hopefully it is correct!
  22. Having done Thermal Spa on both in the past year the differences are minimal. Both are great!
  23. Does anyone know who the bartenders are in The Haven on the Encore? TIA!!
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