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  1. I have a concave sternum which makes all bras fit me incorrectly and uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this issue and have you found a bra that fits correctly? Underwire fits better than no-wire, but I prefer to go braless at home. Lisa
  2. I googled "Longarm Quilter" and the small towns that are nearby. I live outside Knoxville, TN and discovered that service oriented businesses are much less expensive out in the rural areas. Once I found some ladies that do this out of their homes, I checked out their social media pages to see their work. Elizabeth, who is my quilter, lives way out in the sticks and does a phenomenal job. She taught me how to hand sew the binding. I have some small makeup bags that I plan on making as Christmas gifts this year and will work on quilting those with my walking foot. I just ordered this book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1940655218/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 on machine quilting with the walking foot. Lisa
  3. This is the quilt top that was inspired by the Caribbean. It is at the long arm quilter now and will be a birthday gift for my older sister who also loves cruising. My current projects are 3 mystery quilts, a Project Linus quilt, and a block of the month group. At some point over the next few weeks I plan to sew a couple of pairs of pants. It’s a pattern I have seen once before, so all the height adjustments have been made. Lisa
  4. I have not tried this method, but it looks pretty straight forward. You just have to make sure that the roll is nowhere near the presser foot when sewing. I like the idea of making nautical pillowcases. I just finished a quilt top that was inspired by a sunny day in the Caribbean. Lisa
  5. Another option for tracing paper is exam table paper, like the rolls on the exam tables at the doctor's office. I bought mine on Amazon and it was pretty inexpensive. The patterns that I make over and over get traced onto craft/butcher paper. That seems to hold up for years. Lisa
  6. The top one with the pinwheels I quilted on my machine...it was stitch in the ditch and then parallel lines on the borders. The big ones go to the long arm. Anything that is a throw or smaller I can quilt on my Juki. I am slowly learning free motion quilting. I make quilt sandwiches out of scraps and practice. I would love to be able to free motion quilt my smaller projects by the end of the year. Lisa
  7. Here are some of the quilts I have been working on. The hearts and the star are at the long arm quilter getting finished. I forgot to take a picture of the hearts after I added the borders. Lisa
  8. I have not tried using the cover stitch for the decorative underside showing on garments. I mostly hemmed dresses and rompers with it and had the double or triple line stitches showing. I will have to make some more athletic leggings and try it out. Lisa
  9. I prefer ballpoint with slippery knits like spandex. If it's not a slippery knit, then either one works fine.
  10. I have a separate coverstitch machine, the Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX, to do all my hems. My Juki F600 is the machine that I use for quilting and is a fantastic sewing machine. I got bored during the pandemic and decided to try making a quilt. I just finished my 4th quilt top, and ready to start working on Christmas quilt gifts. Lisa
  11. I just use the 4 thread Overlock (standard width) for my serger seams. Seams generally need to stretch with the fabric or they will pop. If you are using a standard sewing machine, the any horizontal seam needs to be done with a narrow zig-zag or narrow lightning bolt stitch. Veritical seams can be done with a straight stitch IF the pattern is not form fitting. For example a knit wide leg pant can have a straight stitch on the vertical seams, where as leggings must have a stretch stitch (zig-zag or lightning bolt). Lisa
  12. Hi Maria, I forgot to mention needles...oops. I use either a stretch needle or a ball point needle for knits. Universal needles really don't work well with knits. I have not used a roller foot. Most of my knit sewing is done on my Baby Lock Imagine serger. Sergers make knits a breeze, but it's mainly for seams and not hems. Lisa
  13. Thank you! I have not made it to Hawaii yet, but it is definitely on the list of places I want to go. Lisa
  14. I always use my walking foot when using my regular sewing machine on knits. It keeps knits from sliding all over the place while sewing. Lisa
  15. I seriously doubt that Holland will be sailing in February. If they do, then I will be pleasantly surprised.
  16. I thought that was odd. I read it a few times just to make sure that I was reading it correctly. Lisa
  17. HAL sent me a notification on my February 13, 2021 Nieuw Amsterdam cruise on our final payment date. Final payment is now due 60 days out instead of 90 days: IMPORTANT INFORMATION In order to provide more flexibility as you plan for your voyage, we have adjusted the final payment terms on this booking. Final payment will now be due 60 days before your sail date, rather than 90 days before your sail date. Please refer to your booking confirmation for your cancellation fee schedule, which has not changed. We look forward to welcoming you on board your next Holland America Line cruise.
  18. Walt and I have been going through boxes in the basement that were from his parent's house. They have been sitting down there for 13 years...we procrastinated. I found a tackle box filled with vintage buttons, silk covered snaps, and lace trim. Everything is still in the original packaging. My guess is that they are from the 1950's and 1960's. Lisa
  19. Just remember the knit needs to have horizontal stretch or you will not get it over your head. Lisa
  20. Here are the pics...tonight is Date Night, so I need one to go into the restaurant. Lisa
  21. Basically, it's a 19"x19" square piece of knit fabric that you serge or zig zag stitch into a tube. I just wear it around my neck when I don't need a face covering and pull it up when I do. I have used them when rowing in the winter to protect my face. I will take a few selfies and post. Lisa
  22. I have been officing from home since March 16th. I will be back in the office every other week starting June 8th. This week I decided to search my scraps and make coordinating neck gaiters. I will be styling at the office. Lisa
  23. I booked with the offer on Wednesday, and yes, $200pp plus port, fees, and taxes due at the time of booking. We booked the Nieuw Amsterdam for Feb 2021. We did the free inside and did not upgrade. I am fine taking the risk with a guarantee inside.
  24. I decided to take tote bags using an old Holland America canvas bag for the pocket. I made one for my sister, and am starting mine today. I started off deconstructing the HAL bag, then dying it. I dyed Stacy’s orange, and will dye mine fushia. I made sure to serge the edges before dying to minimize the fraying. I really liked how Stacy’s came out. Lisa
  25. I drafted the pattern and made the dress. I am very happy at how it came out. I spent yesterday sewing another dress from that pattern. Still have to hem it, but it should be finished sometime this week. Lisa
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