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  1. So loving your review! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for the review! I'll be sailing on her in January out of San Diego!
  3. I too just finished reading this great thread! Thanks for sharing your birthday and vacation with us. I tried to send you a message but it won't let me. I wanted to ask a favor of you for your next cruise on the Encore. Will you email me at my username at yahoo? Thanks! Bonstersd
  4. Thanks! I had an inside comped room too but upgraded to a ocean view.... bidding on balconies.
  5. Anonymoussol, please let us know if you you get an upgrade for your 9/1 Escape cruise. I'm assuming you booked through CAS? I did as well for the 9/15 cruise... want to know what my chances are for an upgrade having booked through CAS.
  6. Carnival ships do leave Cabo bay at night. I know another cruise line does not. Gtaylor is correct that if a storm comes up and it is unsafe for the ship to stay in the bay, it will not so staying over night in Cabo might turn into flying home from Cabo. 🙂
  7. What a spectacular review! Thanks for sharing!
  8. I would wait to change your airfare because the airline will likely change your flight many times before your scheduled departure. I booked my flight for my September cruise last December...it has changed 4 times already. If it is the airline's change, you can change your flight with no change fee. 🙂
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