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  1. I’ve traveled 50% of my business career for over 40 years. I could never get by on just a carry on for my usual 2 weeks. In the pandemic era I’ve found travel size toiletries that pass the liquid limit in airports have dried up in my area. Almost none available. Good luck to all.
  2. The online was just to purchase the premium package, not upgrade. Near the bottom I saw a phone number to call to upgrade. Got thru pretty quickly.
  3. I pushed out my Rome cruise from this August to next September for same reasons. Going in February out of Ft Lauderdale as more comfortable with 7 months out and in the US. That one is 9 days. 14 days cruising in this environment may be a little long.
  4. Yes , I always go Celebrity but only POA does the Hawaiian islands from there, I don’t really like sea days, I’m a port intensive person. I hope NCL will straighten things out before FP in March 2024. If not, I’ll cancel and head to Europe in September/2024 like I’m doing in 2023. I avoid July and August in Europe at all costs. I follow reviews here and on trip advisor and to date the POA reviews are pretty bad.
  5. So, you would not recommend going on the POA then having been on it?
  6. This is why I booked on POA July, 2024 just to give time for things to work out. If it continues I’ll cancel before final payment due on 3/15/24. But I have to believe NCL will rectify by next year. I’ll be watching those reviews of POA over the next year.
  7. I called to upgrade from classic to premium on my 10 day Sept 2023 cruise out of Rome. The total including the gratuity charge was $155 for me.
  8. Thanks for the info! I always go Celebrity but booked NCZ POA for the Hawaii cruise 7/13/24. This promotion includes free airfare for second person. They let you know the flight times about 30-45 days prior to departure. It will be a 1 stop flight. I liked the 2 overnights and seeing both sides of the big island; Hilo and Kona. I don’t expect it to be like Celebrity but all the others have many sea days coming from the west coast. That’s a big no. I booked out 2 years just to let everything get back to normal like staffing levels. Plan to arrive several days early to adjust to the time coming from the east coast. No casino, no big deal. How were the excursions that Ncl offered? Favorite ones?? I assume the 2 overnights are to attend some Luau’s. Haven’t been to Hawaii in about 30 years!!
  9. Mandatory isolation is very counter productive. I would bet a good $ many do nothing if positive or not feeling well due to it. Honest? I would only if bad symptoms.
  10. I would expect pre cruise testing to be gone by The start if the winter cruise season if up to date in vaccination and mandatory isolation to also be gone. Only requirement will be vaccination.
  11. As of Monday those publicly available color guided Covid sheets for Covid levels on US departing cruise ships has ended. The program is discontinued. Cases will still be reported to the CDC but no public info will be issued. CDC advised passengers to directly contact the cruise lines to gain Covid information on particular ships. It appears transparency is essentially gone. With this I wonder if this is the signal to stop embarkation testing for fully vaccinated passengers and make isolation non mandatory like many countries? Interesting development for the cruise industry as one article very recently just stated for the first time there were no ships listed as green on the CDC Covid ship sheets.
  12. Hard to know as many have full trip insurance and could cancel at any time. Many may wait to see how Covid in Italy snd Europe goes right up to sailing date. On the “cruise ship news” app one contributor ( Cruise Law News) noted current RC Jewel of the Seas Europe trip had 73 Covid cases within several days after departure, could be more now (article July 16). Italy averaged 15k cases a day June 1. Now averaging a little over 100K. I admit I pulled the plug until September 2023 for Europe, airports still a major mess for all Summer too.
  13. Yeah, the stock holding dropping 15-20% probably is key. I’ve lost a fair amount and holding off to 2023 after much thought. Just decided to cut back a bit.
  14. With the new 2.75 variant out there the cruise lines are in the crosshairs again, why the stock is down.
  15. Been Blu several times, we just show up around 6:30 pm and plenty of room.
  16. I’m not sure with BA.5 virus out there this is the best course of action. Article in Fortune two days ago noted this Covid variation as the most transmissible and vaccine evasive one yet. It just went over in the US 50% of cases rather quickly. How does eliminating the 2 day test help limiting on board infections as isolation is still in effect among other ramifications?
  17. I would guess the spread will result in far more onboard Covid in July and August, not post cruise. Current vaccines are basically worthless now. Bad time to cruise now. Glad I went in late March.
  18. Good points. Do you feel lucky? I’m never lucky.
  19. I think your story and others are helpful for the serious challenges to cruising once again with the new variants Omicron Ba4 snd .5. Current vaccines are mostly useless against them and the reason cases are seriously escalating in Europe and the US. Maybe the new vaccines in October will help the winter cruise season. Right now cruising involves a significant risk snd it will increase as the Summer progresses.
  20. Unfortunately with rising cases now this is not going away. A key for sure.
  21. Agree. I Track each day the cases in Italy per their website. A month ago about 15,000 average. Now at 84,000 with a new daily high of 135,000 for yesterday. Going higher. If you use the land rate to estimate probability of getting Covid on board is rising quickly. Big decision for many. And Italy still has mandatory isolation for 7-21 days. Hard to ignore the data.
  22. For real, no benefit to know infection rates on cruise ships? The situation is no one really know the true situation on ships.
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