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  1. No Covid test required to enter for USVI, BVI, Grenada, St Martin, Barbados, Anguilla, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Montserrat, Antigua, etc. Only questions still is St Kitts, Grenadines and Tobago. All require vaccination. That’s not my point.
  2. The Covid test to enter nearly all of them are now gone.
  3. Then cruises to the Caribbean need no pre cruise test.
  4. What’s the matter RCI and Celebrity? What are they waiting for? Last to change ? looking at a Princess cruise now.
  5. I looked them over. In Aruba they had one jerp type safari that fit into the ships docking schedule. To my surprise it had an age limitation of no one over 65!!! Now I’m over that but I don’t lift weights 7 days a week to be slighted at.
  6. If Celebrity is going to keep the testing requirements then they must maintain the refund policy. No insurance should be needed.
  7. If Celebrity doesn’t discontinue I will cancel my February cruise before final payment in November and book to Oceania. Simple as that head office execs.
  8. The CDC just issued revised regs today. No more social distancing now needed , quarantine requirements eased, etc. maybe Celebrity will revise again their rules.
  9. I’m going to ABC in February. Watched for months snd very few to none in Aruba and Curaçao . I wondered why and one reason may be we arrive in Aruba at 10am snd Curacao at 9am, a little later than usual, so getting providers that already fill up on the many hotel stayers may be difficult. I wanted to book a safari jeep tour on Aruba, there are several excellent ones, but all depart before 10 am arrival. Not very good of Celebtity.
  10. Just eliminate the embarkation tests for up to date vaccinated passengers already.. Show some real strength! This is ridiculous.
  11. I left the significance of a football game over more important events like a cruise vacation years ago. I watch if nothing else of interest is going on, I don’t schedule around it.
  12. Oceania just now announced the same policy as NCL effective September 3. Of course NCL owns Oceania. By September it will happen,
  13. NCL sailings after September 2 if vaccinated will not require pre cruise testing to board. Only unvaccinated need to take pre cruise testing. Now will others now follow and eliminate this testing soon?
  14. I was wondering if the experience on POA has improved recently as comments have been negative lately, not going for awhile but interested, Also, for a pre embarkation stay what hotels have previous cruisers used that they like in Oahu ? thanks.
  15. I’m going on 9 night on 2/18/23 to ABC islands , plus Caymans.
  16. I was looking at the various St John excursions from St Thomas for my Nov 5 Millennium cruise but wondered why they all seem to depart at 8:30 am and the duration is only 4 hours as the ship departs at 5pm. I was thinking of the St Johns at your leisure but it’s there only from 8:30-12:30 (4 hours). I really wanted to be longer so I guess a taxi to Red Hook and ferry is it. Seems odd.
  17. That was an excursion from another port, not an official port call correct?
  18. In late March it took me about 5 minutes to go thru customs at the port.
  19. Thanks, I sometimes book far in advance but don’t want to pay that far in advance. So essentially it says you reserved the excursion but it’s really not.
  20. If you reserve a shore excursion how long is it held in your cart before you need to make payment?
  21. I would more interested in Celebrity adding some new or infrequently visited ports. Add St St Vincent & Grenadines, Rortan, virgin Gorda, Jost van dyke, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Barts. Maybe it’s time for Celebrity to add a smaller ship to visit these islands, for a new experience.
  22. Sorry, it does. I’ve been a whole host of flights where all I do is stand and watch the massive amount of overhead bin suitcases being unloaded, many by passengers that can barely lift them and slowly tug them off the plane. I’ve been flying for 45 years snd I remember when the overheads just had briefcases and purses and deplaning took 10 minutes max. Now it’s a joke.
  23. Now if everyone does this the deplaning process that is already clogged incredibly will get so delayed close connections will now be missed. My flight in late March took 30 minutes just to get off due to all the overhead bags.
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