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  1. They are debarking in Oakland and heading for quarantine. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. I just got off the Breeze. Great sailing. Checked my agent email to find that Carnival has presented a great variety of options to people who are sailing this weekend and beyond through May. If you have an upcoming booking, check your emails. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. I sail on the 29th on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary and will be happy to return with any info I feel may be of help to those sailing after me.
  4. Mistakes happen and this one, while upsetting to your plan, isn't the worst thing that could happen. Others have given you great thoughts on how to overcome some of the challenges. For what it is worth, you CAN fire a TA, and take over your booking, but I am not sure what the criteria is for doing that ( in other words, does this issue warrant dropping a TA according to the line). You could insist that your agent call the line themselves and admit his mistake and see what he can do to fix it. I have found the staff on the agent line to be pretty reasonable people. Your agent could easily do
  5. There is a fellow on the Diamond Princess by the name of David Abel. He broadcasts multiple videos each day on YT and FB. He also hosts a group of just the passengers. He is well in tune to the situation and shares info. Watched him earlier today and he says they are still scheduled to debark on the 19th. Japan calls the shots on that and this is the info on their govt website as well.
  6. I don't know how they could justify detaining the wife ?
  7. They explained to us that they choose the schedule after they find out how many people are interested.
  8. I have downgraded my internet and even completely cancelled it due to lack of performance.
  9. They are the same ounces as a travel sized toiletry. Pack them in your checked luggage with other toiletries. Toiletry and med liquids are permitted in checked baggage so I honestly don't think it will be a problem for you. If you get called to the naughty room, simply plead your case.
  10. Our first cruise with Carnival was January of 2012. I reach Plat in Feb 2020 but my hubby is 7 days behind me on that. There is a chance we will squeeze a trip into our schedule in December in which case that will be my platinum sailing and hubby's will be in Feb. We have done all 7 night sailings with the exception of one 5 night . We only discovered cruising in 2006 at which time we were 36 and 39 years old. We're trying to make up for lost time.
  11. I take groups of new cruisers this size and larger. I do all the prep work ahead of time so that they feel well equipped to board by each cabin group. A group page at the website where you can create private groups for chatting, sharing info etc - works very well. We usually plan lunch at the pasta bar since it is the least busy on embarkation day and we usually sail the ships that have them. If we plan to meet at 1:30, that gives everyone time to check in, drop off bags and even the stragglers have time to order pasta or grab other things from downstairs. Since you are sailing on
  12. I have locked my bag to many various things. When we lock to chairs we lock it around two chairs, since one chair isn't that hard to move. The Gen 2 bag is a better iteration than the original bag. I would recommend a Gen 2 cool bag.
  13. Go back in and follow through to the checkout screen and put a 24hr hold on the cabin. When you decide, call Carnival and tell them the cabin you held. If you do nothing, it will just drop in 24hrs.
  14. We enjoyed the Chef's Table on the valor last month. In all our cruises, we just hadn't made time for it before then. We were the second Chef's Table of that sailing and we met at 5:45 on a port day. There seemed to be much delay with our particular event. We were delayed in starting and at other times which resulted in and ending time closer to 9:30. That didn't bother any of us much because everything else was fabulous. There were 16 of us and it was held in a small private room at the rear of the mid-ship dining room. The room was of adequate size for the event. The only "door" was a curta
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