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  1. Thanks for the first hand account. I'm in the exact same family situation as you with the wife and 2 kids. We have a tour booked with Oneil Tours. Read some good feedback about him. I guess guide tour aside, that will be it. Straight back to the ship after that.
  2. This is actually a good analogy. Thanks for the constructive feedback.
  3. Haiti didn't fall apart when we booked our trip. The rational part of my brain is telling me everything will be fine. The paranoid part of my brain is saying "what if".... Not trying to start a whole thing with this. Just wanted to get some feedback from people who have been recently was all.
  4. While you are correct, I was thinking of the "closest points" between the 2 nations. Definitely much closer.
  5. With the current unrest in Haiti, how does everyone feel about Jamaica? While I realize they are separate countries and islands, they are separated by just a short boat/plane ride away. I have a cruise on Odyssey of the Seas in 2 weeks that I'm getting uncomfortable with. Thanks for any feedback.
  6. Thanks for detailed review. We also have a tour booked with Oneil and have similar activities booked, although sounds like you did more than we will. We only have the Blue Hole and Scotchies on the agenda. We will be arriving at Falmouth on the Odyssey of the Seas in April. Ship will be in port 7AM - 4PM. I'm assuming we will be allowed to leave the ship by about 7:30AM. Can you give me rough times of when you met up with Oneil, when you arrived at Blue Hole, Scotchies and finally back to the ship? I'm a bit of a worry wart with timing and would like to be back at the port no later than 90 mins, in this case, 2:30PM before the ship leaves. Thanks again for the feedback.
  7. We sail Odyssey of the Seas and will get back to FLL at 6 AM on a Saturday. There is a flight leaving FLL at 9:11 AM. If we take all our luggage with us and line up to get off the ship at 6 AM, should we be OK? The next direct flight to the SF Bay Area doesn't leave until 8:30 PM.
  8. What are some good restaurants near the port for lunch?
  9. Hi all. If you can only do one, which would you do and why? Will be on Odyssey of the Seas at Falmouth. Also, would it be practical to hit Scotchies for lunch since it's going in the other direction? Any suggestions for tour operators? Thanks for any input.
  10. The app isn't downloadable anymore.
  11. How much is the fare from the port to the turtle center for a family of 4? Do we have to leave port to catch one? Thanks.
  12. How is it currently? Read about some issues a few weeks ago. Safe to roam around? Have something booked for New year's week.
  13. I was trying to brain storm solutions for our 10 year old if we were to get seperated on the ship. Didn't want to get her a cell phone solely for this trip.
  14. Are these allowed on board? If not, and Royal were to confiscate them, would Royal give them back to us when we go onshore/excursions? Thanks.
  15. Calls to Park West have yielded same answer as calls to Celebrity, "we'll look into it and get back to you." Crickets there after. Slight exagerration on my part in that it hasn't been a full year yet. Currently 9.5 months since the cruise, but the point remains, as someone else has noted, it can take "up to 12 weeks".
  16. Thanks kwokpot. How do you find this info?
  17. Still haven’t received artwork. Calls to Celebrity customer service always yield “we will investigate and get back to you”. It’s been 8 weeks since the first call to them and almost a year since my cruise. Next step? Call credit card to dispute the charge?
  18. Do the beds alternate every room with the bed next to balcony and then next to the bathroom like with Royal Caribbean? If so how do you know what you have? Specifically asking about apex room 8181. Thanks!
  19. jackadapt


    Anyone done the walking tour of the caves? Worth the visit?
  20. jackadapt

    Port Coral

    Any update on when this will be completed? Cursory Google search doesn’t provide much info. Also rather confused on what this accomplishes other than having a new place to play as you would still need to tender onto the mainland even when this is completed.
  21. Thanks so much all! Now know how to look up future setups. The set up we have booked is actually the set up we were hoping for. Can't wait for sail date!
  22. I'm not following you on the "left side, right side". Maybe you can start me on one of these adjoining rooms and I can count from there. Thanks.
  23. Does anyone know if room 8692 has the bed near the balcony vs near the bathroom? Is there a way to check this for all of the rooms? Thanks.
  24. I was leaning Chacchoben simply because Native Choice has so many rave reviews on here. But you definitely shed some light on my decision with the differentiation of the 2. I also read that Chacchoben has a more shade than Altun Ha which helps with us being from the foggy SF Bay Area. 80 degrees is considered hot in San Francisco! Thanks for the input!
  25. @YankeesFan4Life Did the restaurant happen to be Randy's? Trying to find a restaurant where we can try to some iguana. Thanks.
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