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  1. Here in Australia, all fares must by law include all taxes and fees. All cruise lines bar one here includes the gratuities. So that bargain $469 8 night Splendor cruise is exactly that. Nothing else to be added on.
  2. I'll be sailing on the Glory from New Orleans in October for 7 nights and wondering what type of crowd will be onboard. I would have just got off the Spirit 3 days earlier from doing the Panama Canal and I have a feeling that is going to be a more chilled vibe with an older demographic. I have only sailed Carnival twice, both from the US (Miami and Charleston), and the experience was fine even though I'm not a night owl. Is it a party type of cruise when sailing from New Orleans compared to say Charleston? Thank you
  3. This is interesting. I'm usually a Royal cruiser and you don't change tiers halfway through a cruise. I'm a lowly Red with Carnival but will change to Gold towards the end of my Panama Canal cruise so looks like I'll get the card at the start of the cruise. And with deals like $485 each for 10 nights including taxes and tips, I might be doing more Carnival cruises in Oz even though I would have hit Diamond Plus with Royal.
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