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  1. Canada Line will get you there faster and if not leaving from YVR it is cheaper. Transit adds a $5 surcharge for 3 YVR stations on top of the fare. Weekends are much cheaper and for Seniors better again. All 1 zone on weekends and holidays. https://www.translink.ca/Fares-and-Passes.aspx Get off at Waterfront Station and walk 1 block? to Canada Place. for 12 people it could be difficult to take a taxi. You would need more than 2 taxis. Or else one big limo or a Taxi Van? There are hotels in North Vancouver--- taken by the Seabus to get there. The Seabus goes- to and from- Waterfront Station. That maybe cheaper to find accommodation there. Then take the Seabus into town to tour. I believe it runs every 15min?
  2. It was a long hike to the Lyft/Uber area for us. Taxi would be wiser, especially if the weather wasn't nice. It is an outside long walk.
  3. this a BC liquor store by the Waterfront Station by Canada Place.
  4. AirBnB has New rules in effect in Vancouver. The resident has to be in the same unit or building to rent out part of it for AirBnB. Short term rentals are banned in many condo complexes downtown. You can search for the new rules.
  5. Sorry, I usually post on RCL. Forgot this thread was for everyone and not a specific cruise line.
  6. You are allowed 2 bottle of wine per cabin. Carry it on board and not in your checked bag to the ship. Wine is a lot more expensive in BC than in the US but you are using US$ if from the US.
  7. We did Uber from the same terminal early this month. It was quite a walk to Lyft pick up. Seems that way in most places. Airports too. In Vegas we gave up and took a cab. It was too confusing a walk.
  8. We were on EX Sept 14-Oct 5. Didn't not hear of or see any cleaners etc. that are out with Noro. Been on Noro ships before and you can tell when they are cleaning a lot more. Perhaps it was on a different deck than we walked on or saw. The bags on the stair case came out when the seas became a bit rougher on the Sept 21 cruise. The Sept 28 was a lot calmer but they put them out again on the sea days.........
  9. The ferry the day of the cruise can be risky at times. We had a few cancellations this summer due to mechanical issues. Wind can affect the running of them too, is there is a storm. The ferry ride is about 1 1/2 hr and add travel time to and from the ferry terminals and being there early to buy your walk on ticket etc.
  10. I book all our hotels as soon as we have a cruise booked. We use Hilton etc. so they can be cancelled. Found it is the best price as far out as possible. If it goes down then I book again with the new price. Vancouver is a busy city and hotels are expensive. We have marathons, conventions, tourists, plus the cruise ship season has started by June.
  11. Not this one. W. Canada is not that close to some of the ports. We have spent a fortune on airfare. Takes us all day to fly to Florida, no non stop flights from here.
  12. Totally agree!!! Health issues affect anyone and to lose a status due to not being Able to cruise doesn't seem fair. Then is one did cruise later when Able there would be no incentive to stay with RCL.
  13. RCL Explorer of the Seas is going to Nanaimo once in Sept. and Victoria 4 X. Then it isn't back from AU next year. Ovation of the Seas replaces it for Alaska season, coming from Australia.
  14. We have used companion tickets using our Alaska CC many times. Not for first class anymore though.....only economy or other tickets. We had no problem at the time, enjoy the perk.
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