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  1. Go ahead and print out a copy of the deck plan either from Carnival site or elsewhere. May take a couple of pages. As you read about activities or venues look them up on the deck plan. By the time cruise rolls around you'll be familiar with ship and spend less time lost.
  2. My dentist's office charged me an extra $10 Covid fee on a recent visit.
  3. January 20-25, 2020 Hubby, daughter and I were on Sunshine to Nassau and HMC (although HMC was changed to Freeport). Loved the ship and hanging out w/ my family.
  4. It kind of looks like it was 'one per customer '. I booked, then afterwards went back in to look at something and price is now about 30% higher. BUT, if I check under hubby or daughter's VIFP #s it still shows the 2 days free pricing.
  5. Is it $5 for delivery or $5 per pizza? If there are 3 of us and we order 2 pizzas total... would it be $5 or $10?
  6. A blurb from Carnival website, although we know the rules aren't necessarily enforced: 'The dress code for Steakhouse is the same as the evening’s onboard dress code: either cruise casual or cruise elegant. Here are the quick differences — and remember, no shorts or flip-flops allowed in Steakhouse.'
  7. Something to consider... If you cancel cruise before the cruise your taxes/fees are refunded. But if you get injured during the cruise and insurance kicks in, you would not be getting the taxes/fees back so would be looking at the higher base cost.
  8. I'm running into the same problem. Hubby, daughter and I have a cruise booked for January. If I check the price with my VIFP # it shows as $210 total higher than if I use hubby's or daughter's VIFP. I am platinum, they are both gold. I always do our bookings using a credit card that is in my name. I don't want to make a big deal about it with Carnival right now because I absolutely hate talking to them on the phone, and we're currently being charged the lesser amount so I don't want to risk jeopardizing that.
  9. Not sure why folks think ships don't change time. I've had time changes in many cruises, seems like our Panama Canal cruise (partial transit) had about 8 time changes. I carry an old school watch that I can adjust manually for times when I need to override my watch/phone.
  10. There should be a contact number on your insurance documents. I agree with not saying the person may not go because of finances. Would you and the other girlfriend want to go without the one who was hospitalized? And is it likely the one not going will be able to provide doctors statement saying she shouldn't go?
  11. Does anyone know how much the pitchers and fish bowls hold?
  12. I think the Hub App pre-cruise has issues. When I first install it and put my cruise dates in, the 'check back' date is correct. It then creeps forward a few days at a time... Right now it says to come back Dec. 25 which is about 3 weeks before our next cruise. If I uninstall and reinstall, it will be correct but then start migrating forward again.
  13. Yes. Seems like I caught it as late as a couple of weeks before sailing. I tended to check frequently at different times of day and night.
  14. Loving the thoroughness of your review! Can't wait to see more.
  15. I totally sympathize! My last call for a simple question took 27 minutes! The lady kept going off into other topics, would answer a question with something no where near my question. I didn't give her grief - I felt like she was trying albeit incompetent. But hopefully my low scores on the survey will make someone aware she needs more training.
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