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  1. I think what they were trying to say, is that it might be ok federally to transport your prescriptions in different bottles. But when you travel to and from the port, and are in Texas, you have to follow their laws. I don't know what Texas law states, but here in AZ, if you are have what are considered "Controlled Dangerous Substances", you are supposed to carry them in their original bottle. They probably would not do anything if you had them in your daily/weekly pill containers, but do you really want to be delayed when going to the port or on your way to the airport?
  2. Actually, In the FitBit app, under settings -> Advanced Settings, you can set the time zone and whether it uses that Automatic Time zone settings from the phone.
  3. <sarcasm> Don't give them the idea. Cha-Ching - $5 bucks a chair. ($10 by the pool) Some will say Why don't you get a grip, the sky isn't falling, some will tell you that they don't use them, and others will tell you to open your wallet and don't be cheap. 😀 </sarcasm>
  4. Thanks for telling me how to spend my money. How much can i spend? If they raise the price again, how much is too much? Or are you telling me that you are going to be covering the bill? Maybe it is not the amount of money, but the fact that this was included in the price when i booked my cruises, now it is an extra. (and some people are on a budget!) Hopefully they never take away something that you consider important. No, the sky isn't falling, and i will have a great time on my cruises. But i will not be ordering room service.
  5. No, I believe my post said 2 or 3 times in a 7 day cruise.
  6. I wont be complaining about it, I just wont be ordering room service. But, the $4 or $5 for room service is not it. It is per item. Lets see, for my cabin, it would be 3 BLTS and 3 Chocolate milks. $4 + $4 + $4 + $2 + $2 + $2 + tip for a quick snack. So, at least $20. We would normally do this 2 or 3 times on a 7 day cruise. And yes, there is someone in the cabin that is disabled, and may not be able to make it to the Lido. So, i can go and get it. Wait, they took away the trays... So, i can carry 3 plates, and the milks. No problem.
  7. I appreciate the helpful advice, but now there will be more people in line to get the sandwiches for later. And more people getting pizza later. And you know Carnival will not take the people that were making/delivering room service and use them the help in these other places and they will not need as many for room service, so they will be cutting employees. So, slower service and more lines. Yay!
  8. Howdy Does anyone know how busy Catalina Island will be on March 9, 2019. This is the day of the marathon. I know it is hard to know the future, but have you been there on previous marathon days? We are leaving on our cruise the next day, so we thought we might run over and look around. Thanks in advance.
  9. Also, you can meet with the Maitre d', he usually meets with people on the first day to discuss food concerns. It is listed in the Fun Times for meeting time and location (or ask at guest services about where and when you can meet with him)
  10. We flew into Vancouver for our last Carnival Alaskan cruise. When you embark on the Carnival cruise, they don't stamp your passport. They stamped our passports at the airport when we landed. (So, I believe it is only if you fly into Canada.)
  11. John Heald list them on his FB page around once per month. They are for the month, not cruise. But i dont know if they change midway through a cruise if the cruise spans the month end. You could ask on his FB page.
  12. From John Heald's fb page: "So for Kendra and everyone else here are the Dive In Big Screen movies for August. Rampage Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Avengers: Infinity War Black Panther Pacific Rim Uprising Ready Player One Pitch Perfect 3 Book Club A Wrinkle in Time The Greatest Showman Peter Rabbit Coco Deadpool 2 – late night movie Which movies would you be watching under the stars?"
  13. We did it twice on the Miracle, didn't have any problems. (GF has COPD).
  14. He will not be able to drink on the ship. Off the ship, its up to the country.
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